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The Power of One: Ankur’s Inspiring Journey to Educate Underprivileged Children

In the heart of Sirsa, Haryana, a remarkable story unfolds—one of compassion, dedication, and transformation. Meet Ankur, a member of the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, who has become a beacon of hope for 32 underprivileged students. Their education was at risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Ankur’s selfless act of providing online education bridged the gap and earned him the prestigious title of ‘IBR Achiever’ from India Books of Records.

Ankur’s journey began with a stark realization: many children couldn’t afford paid online learning. With schools closed and resources scarce, their educational future hung in the balance. Driven by the teachings of Saint Dr. MSG, Ankur took it upon himself to ensure that the pandemic wouldn’t rob these children of their right to learn.

He meticulously managed the initiative, implementing a 3.5-month teaching process. Like school teachers, subject-specific educators were hired to teach according to a structured schedule. The students joined free online classes via their mobile devices. During the session, six classes each day covered the curriculum.

Ankur’s initiative goes beyond education—it embodies the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity through collective effort and moral responsibility. Ankur’s story, as shared with Saying Truth portal resonates with selflessness and service, inspiring hope and motivating young individuals to contribute to social causes. Ankur believes that one person’s efforts can ignite change in a community—a powerful reminder for us all.

His journey exemplifies how teachings from figures like Saint Dr. MSG can influence individuals to act for the greater good. Let’s ask ourselves: How can we be part of this ripple effect of positive change? As we celebrate Ankur’s achievements, let’s carry forward the legacy of education and empowerment with unwavering enthusiasm and compassionate hearts.

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