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From Vision to Venture: Jai Hind College’s Entrepreneurial Resonance

Saying Truth News (Mumbai): Embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship with unwavering dedication, Jai Hind College (Empowered Autonomous), Mumbai, stands as a stalwart in nurturing innovation and cultivating a dynamic ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs. Event representative informed Saying Truth reporter, the second edition of the Startup Exposition was organized by the Incubator & Accelerator Centre on January 20, 2024, under the guidance of Principal, Dr. Vijay Dabholkar, Mentor-In-Charge, Dr. Rakhi Sharma and Prof. Sajiri Dhumak.

Featuring over 20 startups alongside a notable lineup of mentors, the exposition not only showcased groundbreaking ventures across diverse sectors but also served as a vital platform for global networking and collaboration, connecting entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

Names of the startups who were a part of the Exposition:-

  • Voldebug,
  • Open coconut,
  • The carbon footprints.
  • Smowcode,
  • Shiकsha,
  • Sassy Tails,
  • Nautanki Apparels,
  • Eco-hive, Mountain Bliss,
  • Coqo stores,
  • Jix,
  • Just caffeinated,
  • Crochet by Falak,
  • Pack with Love,
  • Nail Artistry
  • Adorn by AK

Attendees immersed themselves in structured networking sessions, creating an environment conducive to forging valuable connections. The startups gained significant exposure, setting the stage for potential collaborations. Through mentorship sessions, participants not only received guidance but also heightened visibility, underscoring the comprehensive impact of the exposition.

Names of the mentors who were a part of the Exposition:-

  • Ganesh Malani
  • Yash kapadia
  • Jaitra Narkar,
  • Hiren Agarwal,
  • Jumana attaree,
  • Raj Vaswani,
  • Sharika Sodah,
  • Sonesh Prakash,
  • Hardik Jain,
  • Yashika Sheth,
  • Kavi Shahani,
  • Dharmesh Trivedi


Guided by a dynamic student managing team led by Student Secretary – Aahansh Bole, Student Deputy Secretaries – Kuldeep Singh Rajpurohit, Karan Patil and Student Joint Secretaries- Garv Phulwani, Tanzil Jain, Sujal Jain, Ritika Sahani, Kashish Choithwani, Khushi Shah and Vipul Rana, the entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly through this exposition, empowering the next generation of innovators and change-makers.

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