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Enactus MLNC: Transforming Society Through Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

A Global Movement for Social Change

Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform, empowering students to become entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. With its motto of “Entrepreneurial, Action, and Us”, Enactus inspires students to take action and create positive impact in their communities and beyond.

With a network of business, academic, and student leaders across 37 countries, Enactus enables over 72,000 students from 1,730 campuses to transform the lives of 1.3 million people annually with their innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

One of the shining examples of this global movement is Enactus MLNC, a student-run social entrepreneurial organization based in India. Under the guidance of the Indian branch and with the support of KPMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility, this group is working to eradicate social evils and uplift the marginalized sections of society.

Team Enactus Mlnc

Enactus MLNC has five ongoing projects, each with a unique vision and mission:

Project Parivartan:

This project empowers underprivileged women by providing them with a source of income through the sale and marketing of pet accessories under the brand ‘Be-desi’. These accessories are handcrafted by the women themselves, who receive the full proceeds from the sales. The remaining profits are used to fund Project Desi, which is dedicated to animal welfare.

Project Desi:

Project Desi by Enactus Mlnc

This project aims to improve the conditions of stray dogs in India by addressing issues such as overpopulation, rabies, and aggressiveness. The project follows the acronym “DESI”, which stands for Duty to Empathize, Sterilize, and Immunize. Through sterilization, vaccination, and awareness campaigns across Delhi-NCR, the project has created a safer environment for both the dogs and the people. The project has received recognition from various publications and PETA India for its remarkable achievements, including the sterilization and immunization of over 3,500 dogs and reaching millions of people with its message.

Project Sneh:

Project Sneh by Enactus Mlnc

This project embodies the spirit of environmental conservation. It promotes the use of cloth diapers as a sustainable alternative to plastic diapers. These cloth diapers, lovingly crafted by women from various NGOs, not only provide a reliable source of income to these women but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier world. The reusable cloth diapers, produced in collaboration with Streebal NGO, feature a clever design that ensures both leak protection and breathability. This project is a step towards a more sustainable future, promising a healthier world for current and future generations.

Project Prabhakshay:

Project Prabhakshay by Enactus Mlnc

This project is all about energy conservation and renewable sources. They produce eco-friendly solar lamps made from upcycled discarded plastic products. These lamps not only provide a regular source of income to seasonal electricians but also play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable development goals. Their achievements in competitions, such as securing a position in the top 30 teams worldwide in the Enactus World Cup’s Race 4 Climate Action, are a testament to the innovation and impact of this project.

Project Aapurti:

Project Apurti by Enactus Mlnc

This project aims to revolutionize the concept of traditional cutlery by introducing a 100% biodegradable alternative in the form of edible cutlery combatting pollution and promoting animal and human welfare.

The achievements of Enactus MLNC are a testament to the dedication and unwavering spirit of its members. Over the years, they have created remarkable milestones, making a significant and positive impact on the environment, society, and the world at large.

They serve as a shining example of how a group of dedicated students can drive real change and make the world a better place. With their vision and determination, Enactus MLNC continues to light the way towards a more compassionate, sustainable, and harmonious future.

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