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CyberShikshaa Program : Eligibility, Training, Career Benefits & Placement

In 2018, Microsoft and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) jointly launched CyberShikshaa cybersecurity skill-building program. The program’s objectives include bridging the gender gap and empowering underprivileged women to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Women engineering graduates from tier-II, tier-III cities and rural areas are trained in the specialised field of cyber security as part of the Microsoft CyberShikshaa flagship programme. The online and offline training courses are conducted by C-DAC, NIELIT, and other top training partners.

Here are some details about the program:


  • To bridge the skill gap in the cybersecurity domain and create a pool of diverse talent
  • To provide career opportunities for women and underserved youth in cybersecurity.
  • To empower women and underserved youth with technical skills and industry certifications.
  • To promote a culture of cybersecurity innovation and awareness.

Programs under CyberShikshaa

  • Cyber Security Training Program: A flagship program for training women engineering graduates from tier II and tier III cities and rural areas in cybersecurity. The program covers topics such as network security, web application security, cloud security, digital forensics, etc. The program also provides placement assistance for the candidates.
  • Privacy Module for Women on Break: A credentialing program for female professionals who wish to pursue a career in data privacy but are on career break because of medical, personal, or any other reasons. The program covers topics such as data protection laws, privacy principles, privacy by design, etc. The program also provides placement assistance for the candidates.
  • CyberShikshaa for Educators: It’s a program that trains academic staff at rural technical institutes on cybersecurity. The program aims to build cybersecurity careers for 6,000 underserved students across 100 rural technical institutions and facilitate job opportunities for over 1,500 students.
  • Ready4Cybersecurity: A program for enabling more than 10,000 rural underserved youth with cybersecurity certifications through an enhanced Cybersecurity Beginners program. The program covers topics such as cyber threats, cyber hygiene, cyber laws, etc.

Eligibility and How to Apply / Registered:

CyberShikshaa programme object is to equip females and underprivileged youth with technical skills for careers in cybersecurity. It is a joint effort of Microsoft, Tata STRIVE, Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and ICT Academy. You need to meet the following eligibility criteria in order to join CyberShikshaa:

  • You must be a female candidate and a graduate of engineering.
  • Your age must be between 21 to 26 years.
  • Your family’s annual income must not exceed INR 5 lacs.

If you qualify these criteria, you can apply or registered online through CyberShikshaa website.

How long is the Cyber Shikshaa training program?

The Microsoft Cyber Shikshaa training program is a full-time, four-month program that covers various modules such as network security, web and application security, cryptography, cyber forensics, security auditing, etc. The program curriculum includes training for 400 + hours in multiple modules. The training is conducted online as well as in offline classroom settings by C-DAC, NIELIT, and other premier training partners. Online and offline training is provided by C-DAC, NIELIT, and other leading training partners.


  • By 2023, the program has so far trained 1,100 women and placed over 800 women in cybersecurity roles via multiple training batches.
  • So far, over 5,000 underprivileged youngsters have also been trained in cybersecurity beginner modules.
  • The program has partnered with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Tata STRIVE, ICT Academy, and other premier training partners to conduct online/offline training sessions.
  • The program has received support from Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) of the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY).

Career Benefits

  • The program provides industry-relevant skills and knowledge in the high-demand field of cybersecurity.
  • The program helps candidates acquire globally recognized certifications such as CompTIA Security+, CEH, CISSP, etc.
  • The program helps candidates to access internship or job opportunities with leading organizations in the cybersecurity domain.
  • The program helps candidates enhance their employability and earning potential.

Success Stories

  • Priyanka Kumari, from Patna, was a housewife before joining CyberShikshaa. She completed the Cyber Security Training Program and got placed as a security analyst at Wipro. She says, “CyberShikshaa has given me a new identity and confidence. I am proud to be a part of the cybersecurity community.”
  • Shweta Singh from Lucknow was on a career break due to personal reasons. She completed the Privacy Module for Women on Break and got placed as a privacy consultant at EY. She says, “CyberShikshaa has helped me restart my career in data privacy. I am grateful for this opportunity.”
  • Ravi Kumar from Jharkhand was a student at a rural technical institution. He completed the CyberShikshaa for Educators program and got placed as a security engineer at Infosys. He says, “CyberShikshaa has opened new doors for me in the field of cybersecurity. I am thankful to my faculty and mentors.”
  • Pooja Sharma from Rajasthan was a school dropout due to financial constraints. She completed the Ready4Cybersecurity program and got placed as a cyber awareness trainer at DSCI. She says, “CyberShikshaa has changed my life completely. I am happy to spread cyber awareness among others.”


  • The program provides placement assistance for the candidates who complete the training successfully.
  • The program has partnered with various organizations such as Wipro, EY, Infosys, DSCI, etc. to provide internship or job opportunities for the candidates.
  • The program also conducts mock interviews, resume building workshops, career guidance sessions, etc. to prepare the candidates for the placement process.

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