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Different Strokes of Saint MSG: Masala Bytes

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On Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award:

It’s God’s grace and the love of entire society that the film MSG-2 is still running in theaters. It has brought non-film audiences and elderly to theaters and weaned the youth away from drugs.

On the Water crisis:

Water should not be wasted. Brushing of teeth should be done with a glass or cup full of water, the tap runs ceaselessly and wastes massive quantities.

Likewise, the bath water should be recycled on a slow sand filter and used for the kitchen garden.

On Banning Women from Places of Worship:

Totally wrong Males cannot exist without women, so why discriminate. A boy or girl are both borne by the mother in her womb, why selectivity disallow women?

On the anti-MNC stance of a well known Yoga teacher:

Replying to a pointed question by a journalist on how he viewed the recent utterances of Baba Ramdev, like slamming the gate on ColGATE and doubling the turnover etc; About MSG Products, Guruji said, “The Company’s only aim is to provide pure and high quality products. Even if production is less, whatever goes out to society, should be purest – that is the focus of the company. I have never asked them to push turnover, nor will that ever happen in the future. It is a buyer driven market, in the end the customer chooses, what he uses, and whom he slams the gate on.

On Meditation:

Yoga with Meditation is the best. Have already organised close to 4000 meditation camps, country wide and abroad. Science now agrees that meditation is the only means to improving blood supply to the brain, which has a whole range of beneficial effects.

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