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14 Scientific and Proven Ways to Boost Brain Power

It might have happened with you that you have just entered the room to pick something, but as soon as you entered you forget for what you came into the room. You sometimes even forget the movie you saw last Sunday or have just opened the fridge to take something out and now you don’t remember.

You sometimes even forget the last name of your neighbors. Don’t worry; you are not the only one, with whom these things happen. With the time and age our brains becomes more noisy and they don’t remain good in registering information.

What do the scientists have to say?

Scientists think that we are actually; stuck with the brain we were born with. But, neuroplasticity let us change our brain. The more you use and test your brain, the better it will start performing.

You can actually train your brain and use its full capability. The training that you will provide, will make your brain more active and it will start recalling thing very swiftly.

Here are 14 different ways to increase your brainpower.

So if you want to find your car in that crowded parking lot or ace your next exam, scroll down

1. Playing mind games


Your brain is a muscle in real, and it needs daily exercise. You can play scrabble or Sudoku, which will make your mind sharp. You can time yourself while working any crossword or Sudoku, just to boost up the speed.

Your attention will be increased and intellectual engagement will be positive. People, who remain active in a cognitive way, actually have a better memory with a age. So, if you want to increase your memory power, then quiz yourself and flex your brain.

2. Ayurveda can also help you

 Source Image

According to Health Experts, some Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Shankhapushpi and Brahmi, can improve the memory functions of the brain like attention, concentration and also prevent cells from damaging.

3. Be positive always


The excess amount of stress and anxiety can even kill the neurons of the brain and also stop new neurons fPositivity In liferom being created. Keeping an optimistic and positive approach especially in the future tense, can speed up the formation of new cells and it dramatically reduces the anxiety and stress both. Try handling your negative thoughts and replace them with the positive ones.

4. Have a healthy diet

Healthy Diet

Our diet have a huge impact on the functions of our brain. Our brain actually consumes about 20% of all nutrients and oxygen that we consume. So, don’t forget to feed your brain with some good and healthy stuff. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Meditation

Meditation Saying Truth

It will provide you fast results, and it will train your brain to focus and resist the urge to wander. Even if you do meditation for about 10 minutes a day, you can notice the improvement in your ability to focus. You will feel energetic and you will be less stressed.

6. You need to work on your posture too

Right vs Wrong Sitting Postures

When the scientist were testing if the will power can be strengthen, they found that every time they caught people slouching, they were to correct themselves by sitting up straight. This simple practice vastly improved their perseverance on various willpower tests.

7. Try aromatherapy


If you want to train your brain, then you can try practice of aromatherapy, this will definitely increase the productivity of your brain. Health Expert has confirmed that, “Aromatherapy works wonders, and some particular essential oils help sharpen the brain”.

You can also go for rosemary for mental clarity and to increase your alertness. You can use diffusers to aerate the oil or directly apply some essential oils to the skin to reap their benefits.

8. Be more mindful of your automatic decision


This exercise can help you in being more mindful. Sometimes, we are generally lost in thoughts, which make our actions automatic. Take some time to think and check if the decision that you are taking is right or not.

9. Read something

Read More

Reading helps in relieving tension and stress. Reading is a form of escapism and research has shown that you can enhance your imagination and you can train your brain as you force your mind to picture and imagine.

10. Get optimum sleep

Sleep More

Sleeping is like a detoxification of brain, during sleep your body regenerates cells and removes the toxins. You must get to the bed between the hours of 8 pm and midnight, so that you can get the benefit from the most effective hours of sleep.

11. Do something new

Try Something New

When you challenge your brain to experience something new and innovative, then it stimulates the brain. So, instead of following your daily and boring routine, try something new, which will not only add some fun to your life, but will also make your brain active.

This includes taking a new route to work or reading a section of the newspaper you usually skip. Trying a different recipe for work will also work. Try to do things that are not ordinary for you. Restructuring your brain helps create new neural pathways which increases your brainpower.

12. Say no to calculators

Say No to Calculators

We were taught at school to do simple calculations using the brain. Now, we only rely on the gadgets and devices like smart phones and laptops.

It will not be wrong to say that phones are becoming smarter than the human beings. You should try to resist the urge to work things out using an external device. Rather use the device you were born with, that is your brain.

13. Be curious about things

Be Curious

Instead of having everything at face value, be habitual of questioning everyday about things, services, products that you come into contact with on a daily basis.

By being curious and questioning about everything, you can force your brain to innovate and create new and fresh ideas. Curiosity has been the mother of many inventions like electricity and computers. Who knows, if you become the next Einstein.

14. Carry around something tempting

Something Tempting

You can Increase your ability to say no by carrying around something tempting with you all the day. Researchers have tested this thing with people by teaching them how to resist their craving, by giving them Candies to carry around in their bags.

Those who resisted to eat were much more capable of resisting other temptations in their personal lives as well.

Resisting craving, is kind of hard as you your senses will wake when you see something that you would want. If you carry your favorite chocolate with you, then you can actually force your brain to resist other cravings.


All these simple and innovative exercises can help you to train and increase the power of your brain. When you have a more active brain, you can enjoy a healthy life till your old age.

If you want to have a healthy brain even when you are old, you must follow these tips. Brain doesn’t master you, but in real you are the master of the brain. So, try to gain your superiority over your brain, by learning to control it on your own.

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