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Letter to Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi

(NYT-Set your house in Order)

Mr. Prime Minister

Human shields should be made Mandatory and Standard operating procedure in


Dear PM Modi,

Everyone salutes your vision and courage in talking issues with a firm hand. Long gone are the days of dithering and indecision. I have been to Kashmir as the head of a disaster relief mission. I was fortunate to have performed the first corneal transplants ever in Kashmir at the SKIMS, Bemina hospital. And I met several wonderful Kashmiris who were polite and hospitable, and a few who were not. But from my personal experience, I remember one entire village in Pulwama who was singing praises of our army with tears in their eyes, for saving their lives by force. It is now time to SAVE KASHMIR, BY Force. I know the issues are complex and need a healing touch!

But, only politicians are behind the Kashmir mess, and not the army. Even if it was your predecessors, the question is essentially a political one.

  1. We continue to soft pedal on the issues of Madrasas that dish out virulent, anti Indian propaganda to young children. Why?
  2. We have accepted that it is the fate of Kashmiri Pandits to suffer and languish away from home. Why?
  3. We know we have pumped money like anything into Kashmir, given them so many privileges like Article 370 etc. and Yet , they are perpetually agitated. Why?
  4. The party in the power is the same whose leader was ‘held’ captive to facilitate the release of hijackers and notorious terrorists. And we have trust their credentials. Why?
  5. No religion teaches hate, but we allow, certain places of worship to freely propagate it. Why?
  6. We seen to be OK with our defence forces getting lynched by merciless, rampaging mobs. Why?
  7. We have consistently refused to learn from Israel and how it deals with insurrections. Why?

The army personnel who tied the stone pelter to the jeep created an example and saved fellow security men. They should be commended for their wit and valour, for handling the ‘terrorist’ crowd in a very hostile situations. Mr. Prime Minister, if a single man attacks the security forces, he is a terrorist. If many attack together, they are terrorist too. What weapons they use do not show their intent, it is their actions that speak the loudest.

Mr. Prime Minister, the man in uniform bleeds for us. There is no other job that expects anyone to die or be attacked unprovoked in the line of their duty, everyday.

If we allow ruthless attackers to sully our soldiers uniforms thus, there won’t be any pride left in being a man in uniform.

The NaPaki machinery and the opposition are already at work in a concerted fashion to demoralize and demotivate our armed forces.

I grew up in terror ravaged Punjab and I know it’s a tough choice to put the police, paramilitary and army out and not encounter hostility from a section of the public. I do understand that security forces need to exercise maximum restraint.

But the only man in history who handled Kashmir the best was Banda Bahadur. And the tied protester was after all a very innocuous way of dealing with very serious trouble, Which has been raging nonstop on behest of foreign forces.

Reminded me of the historic feats of Banda Bahadur in Kashmir. Incidentally, he was also the Indian ever to have sorted out rampaging Pathans in their own backyard in Afghanistan.

Mr. Prime Minister,

We know you are tough stuff,

Don’t let politics override your clear vision for a strong,  undivided, prosperous India

If trouble gets out a hand in Kashmir there are plenty of places where ‘terrorists’ could be resettled. And finally about the CRPF soldier who was kicked and abused. Please provide them flamethrowers to shower peace!

Best Regards

Saying Truth


a) Our hearts go out the CRPF personnel martyred in Chattisgarh. PM Sir, Please move strongly both politically and militarily. Without inside political support and patronage to Kashmiri militants and Naxalites, they would not cease to That is Hint enough.

b) Dear NYT, You came from a country that has constantly violated human, animals, plant, air, water and all kinds of rights in Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere, and triggered the so called Arab spring !

Should you be lecturing us?

Saying Truth
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