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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

From college students to elders, who doesn’t love a chai break every few hours? Whether we are in office or in between lectures, tea time is the perfect time to catch up with our friends about that amazing last night’s game or that latest episode of our favourite TV series.

And nowadays, more and more people are switching to green tea due to its health benefits. The beverage is considered to be the healthiest drink on the planet for thousands of years because of its high anti-oxidant properties.

Here are some of the top benefits of green tea that you should be aware of:

  1. Fights Diabetes: Green tea helps in regulating the glucose levels in blood and in slowing the rise of sugar in blood after meals. This helps in prevention of insulin spikes and resulting diabetes.
  2. Heart Diseases: Many studies have claimed that green tea helps the veins to stay relaxed and perform their function better by withstanding the changes in blood pressure. It also doesn’t allow clot formation, which is the primary cause of heart attacks.
  3. Fights Cholesterol: Green tea reduces the frequency of bad cholesterol in blood and replaces it with good cholesterol.
  4. Prevents Cancer: Consumption of green tea reduces the risk of Esophageal cancer considerably.
  5. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: Green tea is also considered to delay the deterioration caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. According to studies conducted on inferior species like mice, it was found that green tea protected their brain cells from dying and also restored their damaged brain cells
  6. Healthier teeth: The chemical antioxidant, Catechin, found in abundance in green tea fights tooth decay and throat infections
  7. Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial: The same anti-oxidant, Catechin, is also a strong antibacterial and antiviral agent that fights a variety of diseases ranging from Common Cold to Cancer. Few studies have also suggested that consumption of green tea not only prevents the diseases, but also fights them even if you are infected.
  8. Manages blood pressure: Regular consumption of green tea regulates the blood flow and protects against the risk of high blood pressure.
  9. Skincare: Apparently, green tea is also a good weapon against wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Its anti-inflammatory properties have successfully demonstrated that it can be used as an effective counter-measure against sun damage.
  10. Weight Loss: Many people who are switching to green tea are doing so, because it is widely believed that green tea helps in weight loss. Well, scientists have proved that consumption of green tea will help you lose weight, but only if you combine it with regular exercise.
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