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Beware! Save your children..It’s a drug and not a candy..

Don’t be shocked, it’s not just a rumour, these days, even the sweets are not safe for your children. The drugs are being distributed amongst the children, encapsulated in sweet wrappers. This drug looks like pop rocks and it actually tastes like a sweet that crackles in the mouth.

It has a strawberry flavor, but in real it is methamphetamine or you can call it meth. Meth is a drug which is generally used to target youngsters.

You need to save your kids, if he/she has a sweet tooth, as its high time now. You have to teach your children again that they can’t take candy from strangers or even from a schoolmate. Precaution should be your utmost priority, as strawberry has come back to the capital city Delhi.

Schools are delivering warning notices to the parents, regarding this new drug. Children are under the extreme danger, as they are the most vulnerable. We all need to pay attention to this issue and should circulate information about this on social sites and apps.

A businessman who resides in South Delhi stated that, he was unaware of the candy drug, but when he came to know about this from social media, he warned his son and told him to be more cautious.

If you too are a parent, then you should also prepare your children too regarding this and make him/her understand that they can’t trust any stranger and have to be very careful while taking any candy from anyone.

Methamphetamine is an addictive drug, it is bitter in taste and looks like white crystals which are odorless. It gives a pleasurable feeling when anyone takes this drug. This feeling fades very quickly and thus, the victim gets addicted to it.

The Halloween candy drugs are also hitting the schools, these drugs can even kill through overdoses. The only thing which can save you and your children from being a victim of these drugs is to be cautious. You and your children are already tensed about the studies and stuffs and these candies are an addition to your headache.

The experts advise the parents to take notice and act if they find any sudden changes in their children, like losing interest in studies, changes in friend circle, having trouble  in school, etc.


We all know that prevention is better than cure, so beware!

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