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Android Things-Connecting your device the new way !!

If you are not a technically savvy person and have no idea about IoT platforms or Google cloud platform, then let’s discuss these terms first before we discuss anything else.

What are IoT platforms?

The IoT platform is a set of components, which enable placement of applications which monitor and control connected devices.

Google cloud platform

With Google cloud platform you can build, place, and balance applications, websites etc. on the same scale as Google.

Recently Google was in the news for launching Android Things, an IoT platform which helps you in connecting devices making maximum possible use of Android APIs and the company’s cloud-based services.

Google is assimilating Brillo, its previous Android –based IoT OS with tools like Android studio, the Android SDK, Google Play Services, and cloud platform. We are talking smart and efficient devices here.

What more can we expect?

Google is adding sustenance for ‘Weave’, its IoT communications platform. Philips Hue and Samsung Smart things already use Weave. Google adds that other manufacturers like Belkin WeMO, Lifx, Honeywell, Wink, TP- Link, and First Alert will also give support to this stage. Nest’s Nest Weave is in talks of merging with Weave.

And Google is taking the lead…

Google is taking the lead in expanding its IoT platform space. Android things is a move in the right direction. It is not something which can run along with an android phone. Android Things is an OS you won’t really see operating in the background.

Where we go from here….

In this fast pacing world, technology is advancing at an amazing pace. Where we will head from here, only future will tell. Companies like Google are moving in the right direction. Android Things is a step well taken. This IoT platform will revolutionize the digital industry and can lead to significant changes in the technical world.

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