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Video of Police officer demonstrating ‘How to douse Fire’ caused by leaking LPG cylinder goes Viral!


Recently, a video was uploaded on the internet,in which a cop is demonstrating ‘how to douse fire’ caused by leaking LPG cylinder. This video has gone viral and it was viewed about 7 million times in just two days.

Video shows how to deal with leaking cylinder

Furthermore, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder has made our lives simpler with its ease of using, but nowadays, we hear about many cases when the cylinders burst claiming lives of people.

LPG is kind of a boon, as it is convenient to use and cause no harm to the environment, but incidents have occur ed in which even the buildings collapse. The video which is going viral shows how to deal with such situations.

In the Video

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تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Sushil Kumar‎‏ في 18 مارس، 2017

Also, the video demonstrates how to douse gas leaks from LPG, it shows the technique which can prove very helpful. The video was uploaded by policeman Sushil Kumar on his Facebook. In two days, the video received about 7 million views.

Looking at the video, you can see the policeman telling the people how to extinguish fire coming out of the gas cylinder. Also, in the clip, you can actually see a huge group of people can be seen gathered around him in the clip.

About the technique

In the video Kumar has demonstrated that how can you wrap a wet cloth around the cylinder will douse the fire. He gave an explanation that when there is lack of oxygen, then the fire will stop.

Many people have thanked Kumar after watching the video on the Facebook. This has actually spread an awareness.


Although the technique may douse fire we suggest you call the emergency number or take the advice of an expert in such a situation.

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