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How to keep a person Cheerful & Contented instead of being Angry with you?

There may be a certain place or situation when your friend, co-worker or even an unacquainted person develops displeasure and exhibits an intense emotional response of rage and anger. It involves strong uneasy response and we feel to resolve the problems and create comfortable situations as far as possible. Let us understand the ways to do so:

Consider the following four tips for improvement

Anger occurs when the person realizes the disturbance and violation of personal boundaries. Even then the following positive steps are being suggested for amiable solutions :

1. Don’t be Revengeful

Do not try to retaliate on angry individual; it will only spoil the situations. The expression of anger may infuriate to disturb your emotions with fear and sadness. Use humor to release tension and practice upon the skill of relaxation.

You may feel disrespect and disturbance towards your status but never try to repay the angry actions. Do not be ironical. Try to adopt calmness and be softness in your speech, so that the person expressing annoyance does not get more hostile.

2. Be Considerate

Take a time out and identify possible solution. The angry persons generally feel that their qualities are being ignored and that they are not getting evident respect. Their attitude may become positive through specific actions and submissions from your side like:

  • Kindly let me know where I am wrong.
  • I feel sorry for mistakes, if any and shall improve as per your advice.
  • Please feel relaxed. I assure you, this will never get repeated.

Although anger acts as aggression but amiable behavior can release tension and state of depression. Your soft and flexible sentiments will remove the tough situations and inspire the angry person to act in a polite manner.

3. Be Positive and tender

If the enraged person becomes furious and gets provoked to perform certain aggressive actions, you should immediate respond by being most humane. Try to convey your feelings that how their anger is making you either anxious, scared or perplexed. Assure them that you do not wish to retaliate in either words or actions.

4. Pacify the tension with a smile

You should be watchful and cautious on the mode of your actions because the persons with poor rank or thoughts tend to show ego and anger. But you should always feel contented with your delightful persona. Keep on smiling and spread happiness instead of retaliating upon absurd situations.

5. Do not permit others to disturb your mental peace.

Always choose to be gentle, affectionate and graceful. You have to work hard for virtuous voluntary service for humanity. For that you need to regulate your emotions because certain persons will always choose to remain angry. Your social status shall be appreciated because of your benevolent attitude and will benefit you in long run.

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