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Google CEO announces a website ‘My Business’ for Small Indian Businessman

Sunder Pichai, Google CEO announced a site called ‘My Business’ for small time businessmen. This site will help small business owners get a website in 10 minutes. This will in a way facilitate their business by helping them go digital.

The Event…

The announcement was made by the Google CEO Sunder Pichai along with many senior leaders. IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also addressed the media. The Google spearhead also announced various Digital Unlocked courses in participation with B-school ISB and FICCI.

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These training programme will be available in the form of a mobile app called Primer. It is already available for Android and iOS on Google Play and the App Store.

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These courses will help people starting their business or owning small commercial enterprises.

“Under these courses the businessmen can take digital lessons and start a site within 10 minutes. This will help small time business owners get lesson or two in digital technology. We don’t want to miss the digital revolution and want to become one of the leaders in the same,” IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad quoted.

The conclusion

The world is moving digital. India too should follow suite. It is estimated that in India, still there are millions who do not use the internet. This presents a sad picture. These people are unaware of the vast possibilities and facilities that the internet can provide.

Internet has connected the world. It’s like an online library. Here you can get numerous facilities without having to step out of your home.  You can book a movie ticket, book train reservations, air reservations, etc. One can pay one’s electricity, water and numerous other bills online.  This saves time and money.

The ‘My Business Site’; will now open new avenues for small business owners. Having a website of their own means, that now the businessmen, can avail all internet marketing facilities. This will help their business grow.

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