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Now Microsoft Will Pay You For Using Its Windows 10 Browser Edge

As per report of the guardian, to boost up the usage of Microsoft Edge, Company (Microsoft) have decided to pay you for using it. Yes, you read that right.

According to Microsoft, this browser is better and will last longer than its other counterparts like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

microsoft-windows-10-edge (1)Source Image

Here are all the things you need to know about it:

  • Edge can help you save you battery from 36 to 53 percent. That battery saving technique is even applicable while watching YouTube videos, social networking and doing other daily tasks.
  • Microsoft rewards for using Bing and Edge are only applicable in USA as of now. You can also earn them by shopping on Microsoft store.

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  • You need to make Bing as your default search engine operated by Microsoft if you wish to earn those reward points.
  • You can also trade those points for vouchers at Starbucks, Amazon, Skype and for the ad-free version of Outlook.com
  • Microsoft has once been the ace at Internet Explorer too and now aims the same with Edge.
  • Though Edge has been in the market for quite a long, it has seen a significant decline. That is the reason Microsoft has decided to provide rewards for the same.

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