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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gets Banned On Australian Airlines

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been a lot in the news lately for its fire exploding batteries. This is why the Australian airlines have banned charging or using Note 7 on its flights.

Let’s look at the scenario in detail:

samsung-ban-airlinesSource Image

Australian Airlines called Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia are the first three who banned the use of Note 7 on flight. As the phone’s battery are fire prone and a lot of incidents have already happened, it’s just a protective measure. Though they haven’t received any such declaration from aviation authorities, they are implementing the rule as a precaution. Customers can bring the phones on flights, they cannot plug it into the entertainment systems of USB ports on flights, reuters reported

The fire prone Note 7 is an embarrassing blow to have happened to Samsung. After all, this brand has established itself earlier as a manufacturing prowess. Not just that, they have been baking on this device to bring a lot of business to their company. Unfortunately, something totally opposite has happened.

Samsung Australia has now liaised with Qantas and Virgin Australia to follow the recall.

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