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Students can win Rs 1 crore from Govt. (HRD Ministry) for helping Solve country’s problems


This is possible one of the greatest incentive schemes in the history of India. The Government of India is offering a prize of Rs 1 crore to students who can help design solutions to the various problems that our country faces.

Launched by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry, the program is knows as IDEAS which stands for Innovations for Development of Efficient and Affordable Systems.

Participation in this scheme is open to students of higher education institutions and will be compulsory for students of IIT, NIT, and CFTI.

Youth for change

The IDEAS scheme wonderfully aims to tap the knowledge and potential of the youth in finding solutions for issues in different areas and fields. The HRD Ministry has put together a list of fields in which the problem-solving skills and innovation of the students will be tested.

These areas include affordable healthcare, affordable housing, affordable infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, computer science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water resources and river systems, education, cybersecurity and information security, defense, and climate change.

The students who provide the most innovative and practical solutions in each of these fields will be awarded a prize of ₹1 crore.

There is a lot of talent and innovation that exists within our country. Often, we are unable to find solutions to some of our most pressing issues despite being blessed with some of the most intelligent students in the world. This new IDEAS scheme is definitely a wonderful way of involving students in policy making and encouraging them to find solutions which will improve the lives of billions of our fellow Indians.

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