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9 Unusual Places that may be filled with Germs

I’m sure all of us are aware of the harmful effects that germs possess. Be it public bathrooms, a sick person or dirty kitchen sinks, germs thrive in such places and can easily get contracted by you. While you’d be informed enough to know about contacting germs through the aforementioned places, there are countless other unusual places that can be strong hubs for germs as well.

It’s these places that you really need to watch out for so as to not contact any dangerous diseases. So, to safeguard you in the future, here are nine of them

  1. That phone on someone’s work desk –

If your work requires you to go to an office, you’d be aware of that one phone (usually on the reception desk) that can be used by anyone to make phone calls. Since countless different hands use this phone, it’d be advisable to use a napkin or tissue to clean the receiver before using it.

  1. Your handbag –

Believe it or not, but it’s been reported in a study that around 20% of all handbags are home to more germs than a toilet seat! So the next time, you better think twice before keeping your handbag anywhere.

  1. Restaurant ketchup bottles –

Just imagine, how many different people would have sat at the very same table that you chose to sit at in a restaurant? And how many of those people would have put their hands on that ketchup bottle? As such, it’s always advisable to cover that ketchup bottle with a tissue while using it. Additionally, you can also use a hand sanitizer after you’re done using the bottle.

  1. ATM machines –

While ATM machines are obviously great for a variety of reasons, one needs to be careful while using it. As multiple people use a machine to withdraw cash, it would be advisable and recommendable to always apply a hand sanitizer after using it.

  1. Gym equipment –

Just think about it. How many people use gym equipment while doing their workout? And just how many people sweat like pigs while doing the same? With all that sweat (and the accompanying germs) still lying on the gym equipment, using it for your workout session is not advisable at all!

  1. Car dashboard –

Your car’s dashboard is another place that may be a potential home to countless germs. Whenever air gets carried through your car’s vents, they tend to contain bacteria and mold spores. And the first place that these bacteria usually get attracted to is your car’s dashboard.

  1. Your cell phone –

Throughout the day, your cell phone is usually kept on your work desk, dashboard and bedside table. From these places, it can contract tons of bacteria such as staph and pseudomonas that can cause skin and eye infections. As such, wiping your phone with a disinfecting wipe every week is recommended.

  1. Your pillow –

You’d probably think that something as soft and comfortable as your pillow cannot house any germs. Well you couldn’t be more wrong as dead skin cells, dust mites and their faeces, and fungal spores are commonly found in pillows.

  1. Carpets –

Any carpets you might have in your home can be potential hotspots for germs. A single square inch in an average carpet can be home to up 200,000 bacteria! With that many bacteria, your average carpet is, believe it or not, 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat!

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