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Natural tips to boost Metabolism and keep your Body in Good Shape !!

Metabolism is the chemical process through which energy and nutrients are provided to our cells and organs. Also, a slow metabolism may lead to issues such as undesired weight gain. If your metabolism is slow, then unwanted calories get accumulated in your body leading to weight gain.

A metabolism process which burns only the required number of calories is an ideal state which must be strived for. Many people commit the mistake of following strict diet plans and using aggressive supplements in order to speed up their metabolism. They tend to forget that as our body is part of nature, we must follow the natural course to keep it healthy.

Following are listed some natural tips to boost the metabolism and thus get the body in a good shape:

Eliminate the stress


It is a common misconception that stress leads to enhanced metabolism rates. On the contrary, stress is the leading cause of numerous types of diseases. As per a study by the Ohio University, weight gain and decreased metabolism is directly related to stress.

To let your body grow naturally, you must relax in a calm environment as you add the goodness of yoga and meditation activities to your routine for at least 15 minutes daily.

Drink ample amount of water


Water is the key ingredient for a normal metabolism process, so water deficiency may lead to slow metabolism. In the case of an adult, it is important to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

Water requirement also varies with age, activity level, and weight. Consuming one glass of water before the meal is quite beneficial as it enhances the metabolism rate.

Maintain a regular healthy diet



Not every food consumed will add to the fat content in your body. A proper diet leads to an enhanced metabolism rate and also helps the body to stay in shape. Frequent meals with lesser sizes are advised. A normal diet plan should include five meals every 3 hours.

A proper diet routine should be maintained while avoiding late dinners. Consuming raw vegetables leads to prolonged digestion and decreased appetite as they are rich in fibers. You can achieve a better metabolism rate when you intake raw vegetables with low-calorie meals.

Get proper undisturbed sleep

baby-sleeping Source Image

Improper sleep patterns may lead to disturbed metabolism as well as a tendency to eat more unhealthy carbs. Your body requires at least 8 hours of sleep in an airy room without any artificial light. To have a strict routine of going to sleep and waking up early can boost up your metabolism.

Drink Green tea instead of coffee

green-tea Source Image

Coffee can provide you only short-lived stimulus. Green tea being rich in anti-oxidants carries numerous health benefits, such as burning body fat into energy at a faster rate. Consuming 2 cups of green tea per day enhances the metabolism rate, thus keeping the body in shape.

Take adequate iron-rich diet

iron-rich-diet Source Image

An iron rich diet plan, such as one including spinach enhances transformation of blood sugar into energy, thus leading to greater metabolism rates.

Include healthy activity in your daily life: It is essential to have a regular exercise routine as regular workout leads to more calorie burning and muscle formation. Thus workout can boost up your metabolism to a large extent. Even a few simple habits can be incorporated as good activities to enhance your metabolism. For example, using stairs instead of lifts, walking up to your nearest bus stop, regular stretching in your work area, standing in metro or buses, etc.

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