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This Chaiwala Is Earning Money By Offering Wi-Fi-Tea

Internet these days is helping a lot of us in different ways. Some people try to do things on internet and some do it through internet. Well, all that matters in the end are results which are always pretty good. As we all know, India has talent hidden in every city of the world and some people just keep on proving the point. Like they say, every ordinary man has an extra-ordinary brain and this man used his brain perfectly. He turned a cup of tea of Rs.5 into a business that’s giving competition to huge cafes.

Here’s his whole story:

Most of us visit the cafes at times to use the free internet at times. But that free internet ends up costing us a cup of coffee worth Rs.100 at least. Syed Khadar Basha, a 23-year-old chaiwala from Ballari, solved the problem of the people of his town. Well, he installed a router in his tea stall and started offering 30 minutes of wi-fi to everyone who drinks a cup of tea worth Rs.5.

While talking about his idea, he said “offering free data in cities like Bengaluru may not be a big thing especially when we have free wi-fi zones and also a few mobile operators offering free data. But, when we think of a remote town like Siruguppa, internet penetration is pretty low. These days, many people are buying smartphones as they are getting addicted to social media or they want to access their mails.”

As per the analysis, Basha’s business has increased 4 times after setting up Wi-Fi. He used to sell just 100 cups a day earlier but now it has increased to 400. There is always a queue in front of his shop from morning to evening. He gives a coupon with a cup of tea which has the Wi-Fi password to connect your device. Right after 30 minutes, your internet gets disconnected automatically. According to the rules set, you can enjoy that unlimited internet only once in 24 hours. After all, he needs to cater a lot of people in just one day with one router.

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