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Google Acquired FameBit to Enhance Advertising options on YouTube

Since Google acquired YouTube, it has incorporated the well-known advertising platforms Adsense for content developers and Adwords for advertisers in the system. Though there are millions of monthly views on YouTube, Google is still struggling to make it a profitable entity. In order to give more options to its advertisers, Google has just acquired FameBit. It is a marketplace that connects video creators with sponsors. YouTube has been trying to provide in its partner program. The FameBit’s acquisition will help the company in enhancing advertising options.

Famebit + Google

It a possibility that YouTube is planning to get more competitive with the MCNs. But if we believe the official blog post on the matter, it is not the case. Ariel Bardin who works at YouTube wrote a blog post explaining the situation. It was mentioned in the blog post that the creators will have the choice to decide on how they want to work with the brands. There are a lot of different companies that are providing the similar options. FameBit’s inclusion in YouTube will not have any effect on that.

The main idea behind the acquisition is that the FameBit’s democratized marketplace will allow the creators of different sections to connect directly with the brands. It will also provide an amazing technology for the companies like MCNs and the agencies to find matches for the creators and the brand partners.

When FameBit was first started, it got funding from Log Angles based startup studio Science INC. David Kierzkowski who is the CEO of FameBit once said that the focus of the company is not on the YouTube stars but also on the small creators who often catch the eyes of the sponsors. He also issued a statement about the acquisition along with co-founder Agnes Kozera. The statement clearly mentioned that the platform has already been used for 25000 videos. The FameBit platform will still work as a standalone platform.

It is not easy for any company even for Google to come up solutions to reduce data usage and increase revenue. People often get irritated with the ads on the content. YouTube has introduced special packs like YouTube Red where people can buy subscriptions and see paid content without any ads.

It is still evolving and will take the time to get into a profitable state for Google. Another factor that is a major issue for Google is the Ad Blocker apps that do not allow ads to pop up even on free content. Google is also working on different programs to counter the Ad Blocker effects.

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