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Inspiring Story: Walni Villagers Use Plastic Waste To Harvest Water

You may feel that government is doing a lot for water conservation, unfortunately it’s nothing. Against the administration’s claim of ponds giving round-the-year water supply, they are becoming scarce even before summer. Farmers from Walni, 20kms from city on Kalmeshwar Road in District Nagpur, are among the sufferers of low quality of these works.

Here’s what they did:

There were 30 ranch lakes in Walni yet they turned out to be of no use as they couldn’t hold water when it was required. The greater part of the water would permeate into the ground and the lakes would become scarce after December, leaving barely any water for water system.

Seeing no positive results, numerous people topped off their lakes with earth.

Some others did a test with plastic waste a year ago. They gathered plastic waste like wrappers and polythene packs and sewed them together to make huge sheets.

These sheets were then utilized as linings at the base of a lake to keep water from permeating into the ground. The sheet was initially secured with one-foot layer of soil.

lake lining to stop water leakageSource Image

The analysis transformed plastic waste into a gift for agriculturists. “We did this test in March a year ago and the water that would already go away before summers stayed till April and even May,” said a social specialist. Strikingly, he didn’t need his name uncovered as “the credit ought to go to many individuals and not simply me.” reported Times of India.

When plastic is one of the major difficulties, this strategy guarantees to control the unfriendly impacts of unscientific plastic disposal. Using family plastic waste is a greatly improved option for water harvesting. It won’t just help the farmers but also u contribute in making urban areas free of plastic waste.

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