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Karnataka Couple Gifts Helmets And Saplings To Wedding Guests

There must have been a few weddings you’ve been to where you received “return gifts”. Such presents are normally given by the married couple to thank you for attending their wedding. Often, the truth is that these presents and gifts are soon forgotten once people come back home.

A couple from Bidar in Karnataka decided to try something unique for their wedding. In an amazing move, Shivraj Jamadar and Savita gifted helmets and saplings to guests who attended their wedding as a return gift.

Wonderful Gifts to Save Lives and Mother Earth

The groom, who owns a motor driving school, says that he was shocked to see the huge amounts that people splurge on their weddings. Instead of spending on liquor and a DJ, Shivraj Jamdar thought about gifting helmets to his guests to send a message of the importance of safe driving. The couple spent the money saved from their wedding celebration to purchase 100 helmets and gifted those to their guests.

Another inspiring message that this couple has delivered is about the importance of protecting our environment. The couple gifted about 1000 saplings to their wedding guests and asked them to plant these. This is an extremely thoughtful gesture as the guests will cherish the memories of the wedding overtime they see these plants.

This is a unique idea which should be emulated by more couples across the country. Rather than wasting money on unnecessary (and even harmful) indulgences, it can be better spent on lighting up someone’s life or doing something that creates a fond memory.

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