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Volunteers came forward with a mission of educating underprivileged children

A campaign kick-started with the intention of educating the poor children of workers residing at brick kiln slums brought another glorious addition to the 119 activities of social welfare already being organised by the Dera Sacha Sauda.


This campaign is organised with the support of students (Vaishali, Parth, Vikas, Denish, Ashish, Sourabh, Tanuj, Priyanka, Aman, Inderjeet, Nekhil, Vanish, Lavish, Ankit, Deepesh, Poonam, Shalu, Sudhir some of them) from the local engineering colleges (Named JMIT & GRIMT) at the Bharat Bricks Company in Dhodang village (Radaur).

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IMG_1423 (1)

These students teach the poor children every Saturday and Sunday.

IMG-20160615-WA0006 (1)-min (1)

The noble gesture is not restricted only to imparting education to hundreds of slums children up to the age of 14, but school supplies are also distributed among them at no cost. They are also being imparted some practical skill.


Initially, attracting the children and getting them to attend the classes required a lot of effort.

But as time elapsed, the number of children in attendance swelled. The school that began with a mere 10 students, now has more than 125 students attending the classes every week.

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There is visible change in their behaviour as well as manners.

The organisers thanked the owner of the kiln, Mr. Ramesh Bansal, and accountant, Mr. Nathiram for their support.

Social worker and director of Haryana Anti Corruption Society, Mr. Varyam Singh, also participated in the function when school uniforms and other supplies were distributed among the students.

The students of the engineering college named the Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan as the source of their inspiration.

In accordance with his teachings, numerous programmes regarding the harmful effects of intoxication and other social vices are being organised in schools and colleges.

The Revered Saint praised the campaign and also shared a picture of the volunteers teaching these children and distributing free school supplies among them on Twitter with the hashtag #MSGSaysEqualityToAll.


Saying Truth ”Salutes to Enthusiasm and Passion of these Volunteers”

For any assistance please call their Helpline number: 94673-61290. And all those readers who wish to join these volunteers and spread the beauty of life around can do so by email them at : Arpit4751@gmail.com

To get news on WhatsApp, just send ‘Start’ to 09729997710 via WhatsApp

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  1. They have proved that each one of us can bring a change. Determination is the only thing that is required. Not to forget about their inspiration…the MSG Starr “Rockstar baba”.

  2. I always saw that Dera Sacha Sauda followers or Volunteers doing these types of work which is never done by any other organisations in India even in World. Great Work by JMIT Students, Radaur, Yamunanagar (Haryana) for their Works and Hats-off

  3. One of the best to donate someone which they most required….to educate these children….
    salute to GURU JI who thech the lession of humenity to their volentiers
    Nd also to these volentiers…..who follow this….

  4. Feeling lyk …thank god..!! these kind f ppl r still left..sm1 plzz tell me that who teaches all these students to work so hard 4 humanity
    Ppl lyk super 30 are making a difference but u ppl are Creating that difference … Hatss off 2 u all

  5. Dera sacha sauda is pioneer of humanity guiding volunteers to do something for society.
    It is always a blessing to have Guruji guiding volunters to serve .

  6. What can i say about guru ji and his followers.
    They always do humanity welfare works.
    They always come at number one in welfare works…..

  7. Hats of guru g..
    These very big work proceeding only with your blessing..we can’t explain how you are god of these best works….

  8. Whose are doing this work those people are gift by god…those are not simple people because these work can’t be possible for everyone..

  9. Dr. Saint Gurmeet ram rahim
    ? Its only bcoz of u my lord ?
    Its ur Love, blessings, precious guidance
    Thats why…volunteers come forward with a mission of education.

  10. Really an inspirational step taken by youth…
    Revered guruji is doing great job by motivating youth to do nation building jobs…
    Hats off!!!

  11. This is such a commendable job, This is the true example of humanity, possible just because of inspiration and the blessings of *****Dr. MSG The Rockstar******


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