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12 Most Beautiful Countries in The World (2022)

World is filled up with some of the most beautiful countries. There are a large number of countries
that will leave you in awe once you see them. Mostly people love to visit beautiful countries as it
helps them to clear their minds. In addition, visiting an environment where you can feel the beauty
of nature can truly help you to get a new perspective on life. There are so many unique places that
many people can’t even think of. These places exist in the world and are all truly mind-blowing.
Visiting these places is important. However, knowing about them is even more important. You need
to know about all the wonders of the world to stay updated with your surroundings. Knowing how
much you have left to explore can help you to think of a lot of things differently.

Almost every country in the world has something different to offer. Furthermore, finding joy in
beautiful places is one of the most therapeutic things that you can do for yourself. Looking at the
different wonders of the world can help you to relax your mind and find purpose in something
different. If you wish to know some of the most beautiful countries in the world, keep reading the article:

After a thorough research and a lot of understanding, we have picked out some of the most
beautiful countries in the world for you. We have listed these countries below:


Lake Geneva - Switzerland

Switzerland is a highly alluring country. You can find great landscapes and sites to see in Switzerland. Moreover, the architecture and civilisation of the city is made in such a way that it feels like you’re in the middle of a fairy tale. The weather and climate of the place is also perfect so you can have a great time. Switzerland also has some great wildlife. Therefore, if you are a fan of that, then you should definitely visit Switzerland.


Peru- Most Beautiful Countries in The World

Peru is a great place to go to experience some great natural beauty. The place has lots of great forests and mountains that you can visit and see. These will surely blow your mind as they are something that you won’t find anywhere else. It is also a highly safe county for tourists and has lots of amenities for them. Therefore, you will surely have a great time when you visit Peru. The country is also perfect for a relaxing vacation.


fuji mountain

Japan is another amazing country that you can visit. It has lots of great culture and history. Therefore I’d you are someone who wishes to experience that, then you should go there. Moreover, you will find some amazing natural beauty in Japan which will blow your mind. The county also has great weather and climate almost throughout the year. Therefore, no matter what time of the year you go to Japan, you will always have a great time.


iceland - Most Beautiful Countries in The World

Iceland is another great country to visit if you like nature. It has some amazing mountains along with a great climate. Most people visit Iceland to experience the hot springs and the large glaciers. Iceland is a great place for tourists as it is very welcome and open to them. In addition, they also have lots of great facilities for their tourists so that they can enjoy their time in Iceland. The temperature of Iceland remains relatively cold throughout the year which is great if you like that climate.


kenya - Most Beautiful Countries in The World

Kenya is a great country for tourists as it has some great wildlife and natural resources. You will find lots of great wildlife in the country as it has some great animals who are taken care of. Kenya is great for enjoying safaris and going sightseeing as you will find some very memorable spots there. It is a great place to take a wholesome trip with your family and friends which you will remember for a lifetime. Moreover, Kenya is also great for tourists as it has some amazing facilities to accommodate tourists in the best manner possible. 



Thailand is a great place if you wish to experience a tropical vibe for your vacation m. It has lots of amazing beaches with some great weather and views. You will surely have a thrilling time in Thailand as the country has lots to offer for its tourists. Moreover, it also has lots of great resorts which will make your stay highly memorable. It is a great place to go if you want a balance of relaxation and fun. You will also get to experience lots of history and culture in Thailand as it has an abundance of it. 


Greece - Most Beautiful Countries in The World

Greece is a great country to visit for a trip. If you like staying in the midst of nature and enjoying yourself, then Greece is the perfect place to go to. Greece is surrounded by water, and therefore will give you some spectacular views from every hotel you stay at. Moreover, it is a highly suitable place for tourists as many people go there almost all year around for trips. The country is highly accommodating and is also very safe for tourists.

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit for a fun trip. You will not only find some amazing natural beauty in this country but also lots of other activities which will make it highly memorable. The landscapes and scenery in New Zealand is something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It has a mixture of almost all natural amenities from mountains and lakes to even beautiful flower fields and greenery. The climate of New Zealand usually remains quite moderate throughout the year. This makes it perfect for visiting as you will not find too much heat nor too much cold in the country.



Chile is another great place to go for a trip. This is a country which is part of South America and contains lots of beautiful sites. It has some great natural beauty along with an abundance of wildlife. Therefore, you should definitely visit the zoos and gardens when you go to Chile. It also has lots of history and culture which you will get to experience when you visit it. Visiting Chile in winter will be great as you will find an amazing climate which will help you finish in your mind. 





Vietnam is one of the best places to go for a trip. This is a country located in south-east Asia. Many people know Vietnam for its museums as it has lots of great history and culture. It is also quite popular for its food and natural amenities. When you go to Vietnam, you will find lots of great activities for tourists which will make your trip highly memorable. Moreover, it has lots of amazing places and landmarks that you can visit to make your trip more wholesome.



The Maldives is quite a popular location for vacations. This is a great spot where you can go if you wish to have a fun time. Many people like to visit Maldives during the summers as this is when the country is at its peak. This is also a great time to visit as a tourist as you will find lots of activities to do. Maldives has an amazing climate along with some great islands and natural amenities. You will get to experience a relaxing time along with some very thrilling and eventful experiences which will make your trip highly memorable. Since it is an island, the beaches are the best part of Maldives. 

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These are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. The beauty of these countries is almost
indescribable in words. All of these places are highly unique and filled with some of the most
beautiful wonders of nature. Switzerland in particular is known as the prettiest country in the world.
In Switzerland, you will find almost everything from lush green valleys, to beautiful mountains and
spectacular views. The weather in Switzerland is perfect. In addition, it also has some very clear
water and landscapes which will not leave your mind for days once you see them. The architecture
of Switzerland will remind you of fairy-tales and will give you a whole different outlook of the

Vietnam, Chile, New Zealand, and Thailand are all filled with some amazing mountains. Kenya will
offer you a view of the most perfect wildlife that you will ever see. If you are more of a fan of snow,
then Iceland is the perfect place for you. Its white topped mountains will remind you of a beautiful
painting. The amazing thing about Iceland is its views of the Blue Lagoon and also its hot springs. This
is something that you will rarely find in any other country in the world. Japan, too, has some amazing
cherry blossom trees which will help you get some fresh air and clear your mind. Moreover, it is a
great country if you wish to experience a lot of culture and nightlife. Japan is also great for foodies as
it has some very unique dishes that you would love to try.

Peru, Greece and Italy also have some of the best ancient civilisations along with some beautiful
islands which you cannot miss. The Maldives is a great spot for great beach trips and fun activities.

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With so many different countries in the world, it is little difficult to pick out the best ones. However,
the countries listed above definitely stand out amongst all of their other competition. The world is a
huge wonder which needs to be explored by everyone. Therefore, if you do not visit some of these
beautiful countries, you will be missing out on a lot of the beauty that the planet has to offer. These
countries truly take the crown for having all the necessary features that you would expect from the
perfect and the most beautiful country. Moreover, most of these places are a great way to remind
you of the beauty of nature. These are the wonders in the world that you cannot miss. You must visit
one of these places at least once in your lifetime to experience them.

Something about the environment that you live in impacts your mental health as well. Therefore, if
you wish to rejuvenate and get a clear understanding of various things in life, visiting a place like this
is highly crucial. A good trip can truly help you to regain your energy and bounce back even stronger.
Vacations are meant to be enjoyed amongst wonders of nature and pretty places. Therefore, we
hope that this article could help you find some beautiful hidden gems of countries. What makes a
place even more beautiful is the adaptation of man-made resources which collide with the already
available elements of nature and utilizing his architectural skills to revamp various islands,
mountains and even valleys are worth visiting.

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