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10 cheapest Countries in the World worth Traveling from India in 2017

If you consider yourself to be a travel junkie, one who gets an adrenaline rush every time he packs his bags, knowing about different destinations you could travel to would always stroke your interest. Unlike America,

Australia or England, where you’d end up splurging a fortune, there actually exist some beautiful destinations around the world that you can travel to within a budget.

Your entire vacation to these destinations will be not cost you more than Rs. 50,000 and you’re guaranteed to have a good time as well.

So fasten your seat-belts and check out these 10 amazing budget destinations around the world that you could travel to –

North Thailand

We start our list with Thailand. Now you won’t be mistaken to think that Thailand is a pretty expensive destination to travel to, but that’s only applicable to South Thailand. Travelling to the northern parts of Thailand is pretty economical.

Air tickets: Rs. 12,000

Accommodation cost: you can travel to Chiang Mai and stay at backpacker dorm beds for just Rs. 260.

What to eat: When it comes to food, you can get some delicious street food like vegetable stir fry for just Rs. 160

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Places to visit: With public transport, as is the case in most places, being pretty cheap, there are countless places in North Thailand that you can easily visit. These include the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple, the gorgeous Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and the Elephant Nature Park.


Cambodia is home to one of the most ancient temple complexes from around the world. It also happens to be one of the cheapest places to visit for a vacation. There is a lot that Cambodia has to offer to potential tourists.

Air tickets: Rs. 20,000

Accommodation cost: Cambodia offers dorm beds for a price range as low as Rs. 200 – Rs. 350.

What to eat: Spring rolls, vegetarian dumplings at Besto Restaurant & Maharajha Restaurant

Places to visit: Apart from the aforementioned ancient ruins, there are the breathtaking Jungle Waterfalls, the historical Buddhist temple Banteay Kdei and the Kep National Park

Sri Lanka

Next on our list is the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka. One of the most affordable countries to spend a vacation in, a day of devouring delicious local delicacies, visiting the beach and staying at a fine hotel won’t cost you more than Rs. 1800!

Air tickets: Rs. 13,000

Accommodation cost: Hotels can be booked for as low as Rs. 1200 per day

What to eat: Trying out some tropical pumpkin or green banana curry is an absolute must.

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Places to visit:  There are countless temples and monasteries scattered all over the country that definitely warrant a visit from all who want to glimpse the serenity of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist culture. Other fascinating attractions include hiking and backpacking at Adam’s Peak, interacting with wildlife at the Minneriya National Park and going for a stroll at the Royal Botanical Gardens.


Someone once famously said, there’s a silver lining to everything. Because of the economic challenges Greece is facing, tourism has become significantly cheaper.

Plane tickets: Rs 22,000

Accommodation cost: Rooms can be booked for as low as Rs.1400 per night.

What to eat: You can try out some delicious food at the Jaipur Place Restaurant.

Places to visit: The beautiful beaches of Paros and Skiathos warrant a visit. One could even go for scuba diving and snorkelling on these islands.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is one of the most beautiful and affordable countries to plan a vacation to. Of all the places in UAE, it’s perhaps Dubai that is commonly known as a great vacation hotspot. Home to the tallest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa), there is a lot that one could do in Dubai

Plane tickets: Rs. 12,000

Accommodation cost: You can book a room for a mere Rs. 1700 per person.

What to eat: Some delicious street food (including pita bread, hummus and falafels) can be devoured for Rs. 400.

Places to visit: The desert safari, shopping at the Dubai Mall, Ferrari World


You might have thought that travelling to Singapore for a holiday is bound to make you go broke but, it actually is one of the most affordable hotel destinations in the world and there is a lot that one can do in this gorgeous country

Plane tickets: Rs. 13,000

Accommodation cost: Hotel rooms available for as low as Rs. 2000 per person

What to eat: You can try some delicious food at Whole Earth and Lotus Veg. Restaurant.

Places to visit: The Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari, Universal Studios, Underwater World

Hong Kong

 If you have kids, then there can’t be a better budget destination than Hong Kong for planning a vacation to. Not only is it home to Disneyland, but you can also visit the Ocean Park and all of the wonderful rides and wild animals that it has to offer.

Plane tickets: Rs. 20,000

Accommodation cost: Rooms available for as low as Rs. 1200

What to eat: Vegetarian spring rolls and dumplings at Happy Veggies.

Places to visit: Lantau Island, Stanley Market and Man Mo Temple.


Located in Asia, Vietnam is a gorgeous but underrated travel destination that happens to be pretty economical as well.

Plane tickets: Rs. 16,000

Accommodation Cost: Dormitory rooms available for as low as Rs. 400 per night, hotels available for Rs. 700 per night.

What to eat: A variety of Vietnamese street food that you could relish in within a budget, including some delicious Cha Gio (Fried Spring rolls).

Places to visit: Taking a yacht cruise, visiting local markets and taking part in wildlife tours is recommended.

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India’s neighbouring country, the Kingdom of Bhutan also seconds as a worthy budget holiday destination. Known as the ‘land of the Thunder Dragons’, we do not recommend you to take a direct flight to this country. Instead, it’d be advisable to take a domestic flight to the Bagdogra airport and then take a bus ride to Bhutan (which will only cost a further Rs. 1900).

Plane tickets: Rs. 6,000

Accommodation Cost: Decent guest houses can be booked for mere Rs. 500

What to eat:  Mixed vegetables and veg momos, while drinking some Suja (Butter Tea) at Sonam Trophel

Places to visit: Paro Taktsang Monastery, the Takin Zoo and the Folk heritage museum.


And we end our list with Indonesia. Filled with tourists all year round, there is a lot to do in this island country. Though plane tickets might be a tad on the higher side, it’s more than made up by everything else being really affordable.

Plane tickets: Rs. 25,000

Accommodation Cost: A stay at Jakarta’s hostels which would only cost Rs. 700 per night

What to eat: Devouring a full-fledged four course meal at local street stalls can be done for less than Rs. 150

Places to visit: The Ubud Monkey Forest, the Uluwatu Temple and Mount Bromo.

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