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9 Types of Concessions offered by Railways : All you need to know !!

Indian Railways is perhaps the biggest rail network in the world. Millions of passengers travel each day in trains and everything is managed efficiently by the railway staff.

On top of connecting the entire country and providing a comfortable way of travelling to the masses, Indian Railways also offer a variety of concessions to different types of passengers.

Here is a list of concessions or discounts offered by Indian Railways to passengers.

Senior Citizens:



Men above the age of 60 years get a 40% concession in tickets and women above 58 years get a 50% concession.

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Differently abled passengers:

disabled-297931_640-min (1)

Concessions for orthopedically handicapped, deaf, dumb, blind, and mentally disabled persons range from 75% in sleeper class to 50% in AC.

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Same concession in sleeper and AC is provided to patients suffering from Cancer, Heart problems and other major diseases when they are travelling for treatment.



Awardees like Shram Awardees, National Bravery Awardees etc. get a concession of 50% to 75% in sleeper and second class.

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Students going to hometown or on educational tours get a concession ranging from 50% to 75% in sleeper and second class.

War Widows:

woman-1031000_640-min (1)

Widows of policemen, paramilitary officers and military personnel killed in action, get a concession of 75% in sleeper and second class.

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Youngsters attending National Integration Camps, Interviews of Central and State Government jobs etc., get a concession of 50% 50 100% in sleeper and second class.



Artists and sports persons travelling for tournaments get a concession of 75% in sleeper class and 50% in First AC.

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ox-plough-253410_640-min (1)

Farmers and labourers visiting Agricultural and Industrial exhibitions, National institutes for conferences etc., get a concession of 25% to 50% in sleeper class and second class.

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