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Legal Rights every pregnant woman in India must be aware of

Motherhood is the most blissful feeling for every woman in the whole wide world. But, according to statistics, a huge number of child bearing female deaths are recorded each year.

Also, as per a study recently conducted by St. John’s Medical College of Community Health, only a negligible number of women knew about the Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram.

It is a government scheme, launched in 2011, that protects the rights and safeguards the health of all pregnant women.

Therefore, read on to know about the 7 legal rights of pregnant women in India and educate everyone around you:

  1. Free Antenatal check-up

    embryo-159690_640 (1)

    Women don’t have to pay a dime to avail any kind of medical pregnancy services including, regular check-ups, blood transfusion, and even caesarean section delivery.

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  2. Free transport

    ambulance-218534_640 (1)

    Pick and drop service to and from the hospital is provided to pregnant women free of cost. What’s even better is they can also get free meals during their stay in the hospital.

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  3. Cash payments

    currency-946932_640 (1)

    Women who are below poverty line or belong to SC/ST class, can get cash payments from government approved health facilities for the nourishment of baby.

  4. Benefits till your child turns 1 year

    kid-1241817_640 (2)

    There are provisions to extend all these benefits till your kid celebrates his first birth anniversary. Sick infants can get free treatments and other required medical services like, medicines, diagnostics and transport services.

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  5. Maternity Benefits 

    medical-781422_640 (1)

    Working women of private sector are entitled to take a fully paid 12 week leave in case of pregnancy. The paid leave duration might also soon get extended to 26 weeks. Also, in the government sector, pregnant women are entitled to 6 months of maternity leave.

  6. Cash payments for vaccinationthermometer-833085_640_(1) (1)

    In some districts women are entitled to receive INR 6000 in cash on regular check-ups, getting the baby delivered in a hospital, and for vaccinating the kids. The icing on the cake, the government is now planning to roll out this scheme across the country.

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  7. Nobody can fire you from the job hand-110306_640 (2)

    Firing a pregnant employee is illegal under the Maternity Benefits Act. An employer can face a jail term and can also lose his own job if he/she fires a pregnant employee.

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