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Exciting Career options after 12th : Breaking conventions with a style!!!!

Since the birth of a child, his destiny is usually branded by his parents. The normal career choices on the tip of tongue are medical, engineering, teaching and law.

In the last decade, the boom in market has shifted trend towards business administration. Such is the wave that persons from reputed engineering institutes are doing MBA after their graduation.

Somehow, we have cocooned ourselves as far as career choices are concerned.

decision-1013751_640-min (1)

There are plenty of options available for the students after their senior secondary exam (12th class) that they can avail.

All they have to do is open up their minds for choosing something which seems non-conventional but can make them self-sufficient and bestow them with illustrious careers.

Here is a look over some of the options for students after completing their 12th exams:

Bachelor’s in Rural Studies

Rajasthan (1)-min (1)

Your love and affection for villages can make you earn money too. Looks exciting…isn’t it? India being an agrarian economy is largely dependent on villages and this course gives you a chance to be a part of developmental exercises in rural areas.

Courses: It covers subjects like forestry, farm management, animal husbandry, child development, community development, agriculture, environment management, etc.

Career: After finishing the course, you can apply for jobs at the different government, open and private associations that work for rural issues. You can likewise get a chance to work with a few NGOs.

For more details visit the link: Bachelor’s in Rural Studies

Ethical Hacking

cyber eth

For all of you who are good at cracking passwords of a friend’s computer or dedicate most of their time in cracking codes for fun, here is the chance to put that talent to good use.

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Course: EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training course.

Career: There are a lot of organizations who can pay you for cracking those passwords and breach security. Well, no it’s not against the law if you are an ethical hacker and do not breach the Indian Government Law. There are also white hat hackers who find faults within corporate software and make money.

For more details visit the link: Ethical Hacking

Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE):-

micro-min (1)

This course is for those IT students who have expertise in installing, configuring & troubleshooting computer infrastructures run by Microsoft servers & databases. Specializations are available in the areas: SharePoint, business intelligence, desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, private cloud, data platform, messaging and communication.

Course: Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE):-This is a short term course in computer & system engineering. The course duration is 6 months & the eligibility is 12th & Graduation.
Career: Students can join any company that requires Microsoft servers & databases expert’s. Own firm can also be established.

For more details visit the link: Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE)

Network Administration

cisco-min (1)

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator): The certificate validates a professional’s ability to understand, configure & troubleshoot switched and routed networks and also includes the verification and implementation of connections via remote sites using WAN.

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Course: It is a hardware networking course of few months duration in which students get practical knowledge about computer networking. The eligibility for this course is 10+2 / 12th.

Career: The students can get jobs in computer departments of any government or private institute and many companies always need the admin guys who have knowledge of networking.

For more details visit the link: Cisco


drug-1070943_640-min (1)

Courses: 2 years Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) & 4 years Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm). At the masters level (M Pharm) specialization is available in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering etc.

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Career: Pharmacy provides reasonably good opportunities  both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting your own business. After obtaining Diploma or Degree in pharmacy and registering with the state Pharmacy Council, one can set up their own pharmacy shop

For more details visit the link: Pharmacy


calculator-385506_640 (1)-min (1)

Certificate in Accounting: Students learn about the foundations and processes of Management apart from getting experience in Accounting.

Course: The course is all about basics of management with accounting. The duration is 3 months & during this time student gets knowledge about basics of accounting. The eligibility for this course is 12th.
Career: After doing the course one can easily get jobs in account department in Private sector.
For more details visit the link: Accounting

Big Data Analytics

big (1)-min (1)

The job profile of big data analytics involves collection, organization and analysis of large sets of data to infer patterns and other useful information to help decision making in business.

Courses:  Certificate, PG & Executive Programs  by renowned institutes.

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Career: A certified Big Data Analyst has wide scope as almost every organization increasingly looking to find actionable insights into their data.

For more details visit the link: Big Data

Six Sigma

Six_sigma-logo (1)-min (1)

Six Sigma, seeks to focus on customer requirements through minimizing variability in production & improving course of action. Six sigma’s emphasis is on improving the capability of a process rather than controlling product quality.

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Courses: The certification in Six Sigma (Black, Yellow, & White Belt etc) enhances your skills and this helps you to execute roles like Quality Manager, Quality Analyst, Finance Manager, Supervisor, Quality Control, etc.

Career: Industrial giants GE & Volkswagen have been keenly looking for professionals with Six Sigma qualifications to fill a variety of positions.

For more details visit the link: Six Sigma


young-woman-1178123_640-min (1)

Sedentary life style is the breeding ground of all the ailments. Today, the youth prefers sitting in front of computer more than playing on ground. This has somehow shifted our focus to alternative health care like yoga.

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Being practiced by our saints and sadhus since antiquity, this art has regained its worth in recent times. A lot of weight is being given to yoga teachers & so it has emerged out becoming a great career choice.

Courses:  B.A/B.S.C in Yoga therapy & M.A/M.S.C in Yoga Therapy

Career:  Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor, Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy, Yoga Aerobic Instructor, Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Therapist, Trainer/ Instructor Health Club

For more details visit the link: Yoga

Foreign Language


The scope of foreign languages as career is astounding and candidates willing to explore it have multifarious job possibilities in different MNC’s and multilateral organizations.

Courses:  Certificate Course, Diploma course and a degree course available in India. The eligibility for Certificate & Degree courses is 12th.

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Career: The publishing houses, media houses, MNCs, Industrial Level and even govt. organizations may have career options with this course.

For more details visit the link : Foreign Language



Who can forget Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Martial arts obsessed Panda and Stuart little – some animated characters that always glad & entertain us. Do you know how these characters were born. And the answer is ‘animation’- one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Multi media & Animation are among the foremost hunted jobs of toady.

Courses : (Long-term courses) B.Sc. in animation/ M.Sc. in animation.(Short-term courses) 2D-3D animation & designing, Maya professional, max professional designing, graphic designing, visual effects, film making etc.

Career : Production houses, publicity agencies and educational institutions media houses, publishing houses, newspapers.

For more details visit the link: : Animation

Tea Tasting

swirl-1281984_640-min (1)

Going around the world to taste teas and earn some money, what else would you need for a great life?

Courses: There are a lot of colleges that offer degrees and diplomas in tea tasting.

Career: Working as a tea taster could be a great opportunity for you once you are at the right place and at the right time. You will not only be tasting teas but advising brands for the right tea to pick.

For more details visit the link: Tea Tasting 

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