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Life Changing Lessons One can only Learn in a Boarding School

There are things students learn in school and then there are lessons that students learn in Boarding Schools. Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between the two. Being a boarder is as different from being a day-scholar as being a lion is different from being a sheep. The lessons boarding school teach students are far more useful in real life as compared to the ones taught in a day-scholar type of education system. Who on earth is worried about Mitochondria being the power house of the cell when there are other important life lessons to be learned? Kindly read on to know why every child must spend at least a year in a boarding school:

  1. Independence

The key thing one learns in a boarding school is freedom and independence. When a student gets placed in a foreign environment with a bunch of strangers, he/she learns early in his/her life that the only person they can truly rely on is themselves. As a student in a boarding, you don’t have your parents to care of you, and hence, you need to do that yourself. Along with that, managing your schedules, work timetables, doing your laundry etc. are just added incentives. But, isn’t this what freedom and independence is all about?

   2. Resourcefulness

From those times at the end of the month when you’ve got just petty cash left to the times when you have to cook a meal in the boarding kitchen with whatever ingredients you got, you learn to make do or arrange for the things you need in unconventional ways. This will be a really good trait that you’ll acquire in a boarding school that will help you out in ways you can’t even imagine in the corporate world.

    3. Adaptation

From your cosy bed to the dormitories of a hostel, from delicious home cooked food to unbearable things served at hostel mess, from the love and care of parents to dealing with all sorts of jerks; boarding schools will make you adapt to all sorts of situations. And when you do graduate, you’ll be readier for whatever life throws at you than a day-scholar will ever be.

   4. Interaction with others

When you are at home, you can pretty much do whatever you want and get away with it as the people you live around are the same ones you go to school with. In a hostel (read: hostile) environment, you’ll learn a more civilised way of interacting with others and making friends. And even if you pick up a couple of enemies, that’s another valuable lesson you’ll learn.

   5. Trust

People can be so pretentious, fake and downright obnoxious these days that you’ll have to be your own true friend in a boarding school. After a couple of betrayals and backstabbing, you’ll learn who your real friends are and the sort of people you must avoid. If nothing else, boarding schools will definitely make you a good judge of character.

   6. Appreciation

As the old saying goes, “absence of anything makes you appreciate it more.” When you are off at a boarding school, thinking about home most of the time, you’ll never complain about that karele ki sabzi prepared by your mom ever again.


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