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15 Amazing Facts About India That Will Surely Make You Feel Proud

India, one of the largest democracies in this world is also a land of wonders. Whether it is the diverse culture of our country or the unity in diversity, it makes everyone fall in love with India.

Though a lot of criticism has been thrown towards our country lately, we know India is a great nation and there are valid facts backing its greatness.

So, let’s have a look at some those facts that will make you feel proud of being an Indian citizen:

1) Our very own language Sanskrit is known as the mother of all languages like English and French etc.

In fact, it is also considered as the best language for computer coding too.

sanskrit-min (1)Source Image

2) One of the oldest civilization, India is the largest democracy with world’s second largest population.

india-emblem21-min_(1)-min (1)Source Image

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3) India is the only country to have reached Mars in the very first attempt.

india-mars-missionSource Image

4) It was ISRO’s mission Chandrayaan-1 that found out the availability of water on moon.

Moon-waterSource Image

5) 14 year old VA Shiva invented e-mail and Sabir Bhatia invented Hotmail, making India a master at technology too.

Email-imageSource Image

6) World’s first university was established in Takshila, India in 700 B.C.

Takshila-minSource Image

7) Baily Bridge, built by the Indian army in Ladakh is World’s highest bridge at the height of 5602 meters.

baily-bridgeSource Image

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8) India is one of the world’s largest hubs for diamond and jewellery manufacturing. Also, it is the second largest consumer of gold.

daimondSource Image

9) India has the second largest number of Scientists and Engineers after US in the World.

Indian-labSource Image

10) World’s highest cricket pitch is in Chail (Himachal) at a height of 2444 meters above sea level.

chail-cricket-ground-12Source Image

11) World’s highest helipad and battlefield is at Siachen Glacier, 16000 feet above sea level.

siachen_army-min (1)Source Image

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12) Varanasi is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

Varanasi-IndiaSource Image

13) Indian railway system is the largest employer in the world by providing employment to over 1.6 million people.

railways-indianSource Image

14) With 1,300.000 active count and 1,800,000 reserved count, Indian Army after China is the world’s second largest army.


15) India has been the prime troop contributor to the UN’s Peacekeeping Missions since its commencement.

troops-unSource Image

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