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6 Tips to keep your Bike running smoothly

There is no feeling better than rolling out on an open road in a rainy weather on your beloved motorcycle. But, if it is not in perfect shape, it won’t run smoothly and then the ride on long terrains can get tricky and annoying.

An ill-functioning motorcycle can take away the fun from the best of rides and therefore, it is crucial to keep your bike a perfectly well-oiled machine in order to focus more on rides rather than repairs.

To ensure that your motorcycle remains in the best possible condition throughout its life, here are a few tips that you can use.

  1. Keep it clean 

    A dirty bike is the disrespect of the highest order to the spirit of riding. Accumulated dust on the bike can cover up information consoles and lights and can make your ride a not-so-enjoyable experience. If a bike remains dusty for a long time, a lot of gunk in all the wrong places can lead to the formation of rust, which is disastrous for a bike. Therefore, it is important to give your motorcycle a thorough wash at least once a week and a good wipe down daily.

  2. Keep the tyres appropriately inflated

    Going on a long trip with under-inflated tyres is a huge risk for both you and your bike. Wrong air pressure in your bike can adversely affect everything ranging from handling to fuel economy. Therefore, it is important to frequently get the air pressure checked in your bike’s tyres to keep it in a perfect condition.

  3. Get the brake fluids replaced frequently

    What is the point of being a biker if you don’t get high on speed every once in a while. But, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the magnitude of a calamity that might occur if you’re unable to stop the bike on time while going 100kmph. Brake pads, drums and discs need to be regularly cleaned or replaced depending upon the life left in them. Another important part that needs to be frequently checked for optimum braking performance is brake fluid. You must open the brake fluid canister every few months and refill the brake fluid.

  4. Grease your bearings

    While most of the motorcycles come with covered bearings nowadays, there are still tiny areas that leave the bearings exposed. If your motorcycle has these places, make sure to consistently grease the exposed bearings for optimal performance.

  5. Keep it chained

    Many riders commit the sin of keeping their bike chains either loose or too loose, which is quite dangerous. It reduces the mileage and if you are really unlucky, the chain might also come off which can lead to disastrous consequences. Keeping the chain too tight is also not recommended as the tension can make it snap, leading to the same consequences. Read your instruction manual carefully and accordingly keep the chain at its peak performance position.

  6. A well-oiled machine 

    Keeping your engine smooth involves consistently checking up its oil. Engine oil lubricates and cools the engine and also minimizes the combustion damage. If the engine oil is too low at any given point of time it can lead to the engine getting ceased or other major problems. Therefore, change your bike’s engine oil every 2-3 months for best performance and endurance.

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