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New Discovery by MIT Scientists Enables reading Closed Books

A group of scientists have come up with a recent invention. This is expected to be a great help to professionals such as archaeologist.

The group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), U.S includes an Indian named Ramesh Raskar.

They together have developed a new technology which can read pages of a closed book.

The Technology

Some archaic documents and fragile manuscripts demand that they are handled properly in order to ensure that it does not get destructed.

So, such a technology would aid to the preservation and accessibility of a number of invaluable documents. Sources of Engadget say that this newly invented technology can scan a book using terahertz radiation. The tiny, 20-micrometer air gaps between pages helps to identify and scan the pages of any book one after the other.

The Current Status

The current status of the technology is such that it cannot read anything beyond nine pages deep.

It is expected that the team will soon improve on the technology before it is in a position to read the first run copy of War and Peace.

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