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Watch Usain Bolt’s Life In This Inspirational Video

A few days ago, Usain Bolt ran his last ever race in the Olympics 2016. With that race, he retired and everyone in this sports world was sad as it was the end of another era. Usain Bolt has 6 World Records in 100m (9.72, 9.69, 9.58 seconds) and 2 in 200m (19.30, 19.19 seconds). That makes him the only man to hold world records in both 100 and 200m. The fastest man on earth, Bolt has been a source of huge entertainment in the world of athletics.

Now, an animated movie has come up with the inspirational life story of this man as a tribute to him.


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About the film:

The movie (video) starts with one guy running late to school. As he is late, he runs towards the school and even then he reaches on time due to his speed. While he was running towards the school, he dashes into a person. That man notices that that the little boy has an amazing speed. Now, the boy has forgotten his lunch box and is roaming during the break as he is extremely hungry.

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The same person he dashes into sees him at that time and approaches him. He asks the boy if he needs lunch, he will have to defeat a fast person in race.

The boy couldn’t resist the aroma of food and accepted the challenge. Well, that was his first ever race and since then, he never looked back. He goes on to winning a lot of championships, medals and what not. As we all know, the rest is history.

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