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A woman in Bhopal starts a Crash Course in Crying ! And, Yes we’re not Joking!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Indian Weddings? Lemme guess! Food, Loud Music, Jewelry, beautiful clothes, ceremonies, happiness, laughter, crying brides and their tears expressing intense sorrow of separation from parents

But, don’t you think that the times have now changed? These days we come across a lot of wedding functions where brides make an entry not holding a “Vermala” but dancing on peppy Bollywood songs. In a similar manner, we rarely come across vidaai ceremonies where brides are badly crying in the pain of separation from their parents like what it used to be may be a decade back.

Puzzled? Well, read on for some funnily sad piece of news:

Well, a woman in Bhopal is offering crash course for brides – on how to cry at their Vidaai ! Yes, Radhika Rani has actually opened this institute and all the would be brides are now being called for enrollment.

The reason behind the initiative:

Radhika Rani says that the idea came to her mind after recently attending a “Vidaai” ceremony. She added: “The bride wasn’t able to cry, but when she was insisted a little, she started crying so vehemently. It looked like an overdone act which ended up in a funny manner. People had a real tough time controlling their laughter!” And that when she started this interesting venture. Where “not just brides, but even their families can enroll for the crash course to learn how to cry!”

Furthermore, she says her main motive behind starting this venture is to prevent sensitive and emotionally important events like ‘Vidaai’ from turning into a funny situation.

Let’s see how this venture goes ahead. As for now if you know a friend who is about to get married and can not cry, you know what to do!


While, this looked like a funny story to read, but it has definitely given us some relevant points to think about. Are we really loosing the essence of emotions in today’s techno-frenzy world? Is it that we can express our feelings just for selfies and not for situations. Well, think about it!

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