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Inspiring: Vasundhara Enclave in Delhi to become a Zero waste colony !!

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

Human beings who claim to be the most intelligent of all, are proving themselves as the most destructive of all creatures.Our planet is under threat. The reason is not external but  created by human beings.

Here we are telling you the incredible story of few good samaritans who are helping in their way  in saving planet Earth.

The story unfolds….

When ‘East Delhi Municipal Corporation’ decided to implement a zero waste management plan in Vasundhara Enclave, it was an unheard story. The main plot was that no one should litter or dump their waste in the residential area. ‘Chintan’ an NGO helped in achieving this target. Sometimes help comes from unexpected and small quarters.

East corporation commissioner Mohanjeet Singh quotes how the NGO has submitted an action plan and it is approved. ‘If the experiment in Vasundhara Enclave is successful, the plan will be implemented in Preet Vihar as well. It will create awareness among residents about how to segregate their day-to-day waste in separate bags. We will collect the segregated waste and take it to a material recovery facility”-he exclaims.

We are talking technical method of waste management, here.Under this you have to separate wet waste and dry waste.  Segregate the wet waste to compost pits.

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Ragpickers pick up the dry and e-waste. The dry material is absorbed by factories where they will go processing. So, one can see it is a chain of events.

Experts believe this way Vasundhara Enclave will become a model locality. Talks were on for a long time, for implementation of this process of waste management. However, enforcing rules on a large scale does not look like a good idea. We all have to make small beginnings. A small step can lead to a journey of thousand miles.  Our planet requires care and nourishment. We will save Earth, our home.No one can help us , but we ourselves.

The conclusion…

The environment is under threat. Human beings have to stop destroying our planet Earth. The East delhites deserve kudos for their small but relevant effort.

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