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Biodiesel Industry Asks For Used Oil From Food Processing Industry

While seeking a new policy, Biodiesel industry has requested food processing industry to have access of used cooking oil. That used oil can be processed into biodiesel that comes from the renewable biomass resources. Cooking oil in India accounts for 20% of total bio-diesel output.

No, let’s see the benefits that this policy will bring along:

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  1. The output of biodiesel will increase by 3 to 4 million litres. Even though it is a very small increases as compared to the total output of 110 million litres, it is necessary. After all, small steps will lead to larger revolutions.
  2. It will also help avoiding used cooking oil being used again for human consumption. The hazards of that could be Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and even acidity.
  3. Fuel-based biodiesel is less polluting as compared to fossil based diesel.

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Kamlesh Barot, Director-Vie Hospitality Private Limited said “It will be better for small restaurants and will also benefit them as it will be easy for them to dispose of used cooking oil. Earlier we at our hotel sold such cooking oil as scrap to the soap manufacturers and handloom sector. But today, as the diesel prices are growing up it will be a positive move for players like us, as it will add on to our profits.”

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In 2015-16, household production of bio-diesel expanded to 110 million liters from 8-9 million liters in 2015-15. Biodiesel makers principally attribute this expansion to the center’s choice to permit around 5% biodiesel in diesel utilized by railways. The choice to expel excise duty on contributions for making biodiesel is another element.

The affiliation additionally welcomed the Haryana government’s declaration to diminish VAT by 5% on biodiesel. They trusted such choices are sincerely implemented and focused on the requirement for different states to follow the same.

Empowering regulatory and legislative environment were one of the reasons why Brazil got to be one of the top makers of renewable oils like ethanol and biodiesel. To reform biodiesel creation in India, such authoritative backing is important.

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