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Doctor Donates Bus worth ₹19 lakhs to help Girls Attend College without Being Harassed

Women’s safety is a major concern in many parts of India. In several places, eve teasing is rampant and women tend to find it difficult to step out alone. This story, however, is about one man’s fight to ensure that girls receive education. About 20 years ago, Dr. R. P. Yadav lost his 6-month old daughter. It was then that he made a vow to spend the money from his Provident Fund in the memory of his daughter.

He realized that, due to the lack of public transport and the harassment faced in private shared vehicles, many girls in rural Rajasthan had stopped going to college after 12th standard. Even in the monsoons, several girls would walk for many kilometers to reach college rather than travel in shared transport.

What Makes Dr. Yadav help girls going to college

Dr. Yadav got a chance to find out the reason behind this while coming back to his village last year. It was raining heavily and Dr. Yadav offered a lift to 5 girl students who were walking through the muddy road. During the journey, the girls told Dr. RP Yadav that they were forced to walk due to the unavailability of public transport facilities. The girls also said that they had to face eve teasing and harassment often while walking to college.

Moved by this story, Dr. Yadav made a vow last year on Independence Day to donate a bus for these girls using this Provident Fund money. With an amount of ₹19 lakhs, Dr. Yadav bought a new 52-seater bus and donated it for the use of girls who traveled from Kotputli village every day to go to college.

The local administration too has appreciated this noble gesture by Dr. Yadav. During the inauguration of this free bus service for girls, the DTO of the area said that the process for waiving the road tax for this bus service has already started. Even the toll officials in Kotputli have agreed to exempt this bus from paying the toll. Dr. Yadav works as a pediatrician in Kapil Hospital at Neem Ka Thana.

Saying Truth take

The story of Dr. Yadav’s benevolence is truly humbling and inspiring. Often, we complain about the problems in our country and wonder when they’re going to change. Dr. Yadav’s example shows the massive difference that each one of us can make in our own way for improving the lives of others.

True change can begin only when we decide to do something positive for others than merely complain. We hope that Dr. Yadav’s example inspires thousands of India to make an effort towards improving the lives of our fellow Indians in absolutely whichever way, small or big, that we can.

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