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Dubai turns firemen into “Flying Superheroes” with Jetpack Technology

Firemen and police have a tough job navigating heavy traffic to reach a place where help is required. A delay of a few minutes can mean a difference of life and death.

The city of Dubai in the UAE has come up with a genius solution to this problem. Firemen will now be given jetpacks which literally allow them to fly while reaching a destination.


These flying fire fighters will be able to float over the sea and reach their destination instantly while avoiding traffic delays.

In a city of skyscrapers like Dubai, these jetpacks also allow firefighters to provide help at heights much easily. Last year, a 63-floor building called “The Address Downtown” caught fire during New Year celebrations. The use of this modern technology will greatly help in controlling such fires while also protecting the lives of firemen. For now, officials in Dubai have said that this project will be rolled out to cover buildings and accidents on streets that are closer to the shore.

Next time you visit Dubai, make sure you look hard to see if you can spot these superheroes flying over the water to save the lives of innocent people.

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