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New Dimension to Waste Management: Get Rewarded for Recycling your Waste!!!!!

As per a popular news source “xreporters”.  Few College students from Delhi have stepped up the ante of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with their new innovation.

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Ashutosh Shrivastava, Pranav Manocha, Himanshu (BVP), Suveer Garg (DTU), Vishwas Gosain (DTU), Chaitanya Baweja (DU) and Ujjwal Dasgupta (MRCE) have added a new dimension to waste management by developing e-bins that can make recycling fun for you.

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These e-bins not only automate the process of garbage disposal, they also reward users for their good deeds.

How the magic works

  1. As a user, you have to first register with the company
  2. And then as you dispose inorganic waste in these e-bins,
  3. The machine will detect segregate waste in just 20 seconds
  4. 100% recycling efficiency is what this system achieves with effortless segregation of bottles, cans, glass containers and other inorganic waste.
  5. A code is then generated by this machine that you can redeem by dialing a simple number. You need to share some details with the company to get the reward.
  6. The rewards come in more than 50 different forms- Vouchers, Gift Cards, Food Coupons, Free Burgers, Online Shopping, etc.

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How far the idea has reached


Last August, the two minds launched their idea in form of a new venture called We-Convert with introduction to their machine with the name – E-Collector.


The E-Collector machine along with recycling also acts as a platform of advertising for different brands with its 15-inch digital display.


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As per their future plans, brand promotion is another aspect through which they want to expand their revenue that will likely generate about 7-10 percent of their total income.

We-Convert is targeting a revenue of Rs 67 lakh by fiscal year 2017-18 with plans to start fund raising soon.

Current Installations..


Image Source

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Four bins have already been placed in Delhi with plans to expand to different cities in the next 3 years. The startup has grown to a team of seven members with an impressive number of around 1,400 users from four different locations in Delhi.

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