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Health Benefits: 6 Reasons to Start Gardening

Scientific research reveals that gardening improves production of crops, environment, and financial status of farmers and provides a lot of benefits to human health.

Some people spare their time for tree plantation to improve the beauty of nature and environmental protection, whereas, others consider gardening as wastage of their time. But we must realize that green plants are a real treasure for mankind. Here are the 6 prominent reasons for taking up gardening in daily life:

  1. Relieves tension:

The process of nurturing the saplings to fruit bearing tree creates positive change by enhancing productivity, improvement of immune system and increasing core strength in one who raises them. It has been observed that the period of prolonged rest at home and the situations of high stress lead to increased levels of stress hormone, cortisol. Its ill effects can be minimized by involvement in activities such as nurturing the garden.

  1. Improves Physical Strength:

The practice of digging, weeding, planting and irrigation are even suitable for old people or those with chronic disorders because these are low intensity exercises. The extent of exercise depends upon the size of field or garden.

But it is pleasing, most beneficial and open air activity which proves to be beneficial for the person involved and the society as a whole. Moreover, the work is not difficult and does not require much training or eminent skill.

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  1. Farming system provides mental relief:

The agricultural research has revealed that the soil in fields contain special micro-organisms Mycobacterium vaccae, that increases the level of ‘cytokine’ to boost the production of an antidepressant hormone called ‘serotonin’. The persons suffering from mental illness are guided to work in gardens to grow vegetables and fruits so that they get benefits of natural flavor and relief from mental tensions.

The process of achieving increase in production and refreshing sense of fresh flowers elevates the sense of self belief and contentment. The collection of fruits promotes confidence, satisfaction and increases self-esteem due to delightful efforts in gardening and landscaping. The task of hydroponic farming system is gaining its significance in many treatment centers. It is a combination of physical activity and environmental upgradation while treating the chronic illness.

  1. Promotes the production of organic and healthy food:

The fruits and vegetables produced by farmers are also used in their home because they realize that these are organic and free from harsh chemicals. Their diet becomes safe, most nutritive and healthier. The general masses also tend to purchase the food articles from the farmers of their choice and confidence.

  1. Benefits brain:

Gardening helps to resolve many problems and assist in many critical functions like sensory awareness, problem solving and promotes knowledge. The modern investigation made on about 3000 mature adults for 16 years,  has shown that gardening on daily basis helps to minimize the risk of dementia (reducing by 36%). Another study has shown that the risk reduction of dementia may increase to 47%.

  1. Helps in getting Vitamin-D :

Gardening helps in getting plenty of  Vitamin –D as its main source is natural sunlight. Very few food items contain Vitamin D, such as groundnut, Soyabean, mustard, dry fruits etc.  Proper intake of vitamin D prevents a number of chronic diseases, such as, joint pains, osteoporosis (decreased bone density), heart disease and even certain forms of cancer.

Gardening improves the health of individuals, glorifies environment and the whole planet. All the people should realize that gardening is soothing , overwhelms our senses and promotes income for the family. The flowers pots elevate the beauty of our homes and their cultivation raises our love for the motherland.

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