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India plans Digital News channel to combat Foreign Media’s Bias

The Narendra Modi government is planning to launch a web-based digital news channel which will feature coverage that combats the foreign media’s bias about the country. Since the world is moving closer towards digital media, the Indian government has decided to keep this channel online rather than invest money in a television channel.

Western bias and propaganda

It is often seen that the Western media harbors a massive bias when it comes to reporting on India. The coverage of foreign media tends to focus on isolated incidents which portray India in a negative light rather than on the achievements of the country.

As a result, India’s state-owned broadcaster Prasar Bharati has been tasked with launching this new channel to present India’s perspective on a global level.

Movies like Slumdog Millionaire have shown how the West prefers to focus on India’s poverty rather than on the country’s economic achievements.

It is also felt that the sudden rise of India on a global level has made many foreign countries insecure. These countries use their state-promoted channels such as the Voice of America in the US and the BBC in the UK to push an agenda that is biased against India and its achievements.

Wide coverage of topics

The new proposed channel will focus on a range of issues including economy, terrorism and national security, global issues, culture and geo-politics. The channel will also focus on India’s soft power across the world by presenting content on Indian spiritual leaders who are sought out and respected by foreigners for their spiritual guidance, charity and wellness initiatives.

The channel will also seek to counter Chinese propaganda by creating programs in Mandarin which will convey India’s views on security and geo-politics to Chinese scholars and experts.

A big inspiration for the channel is said to be Russia’s slick TV network called RT Today which features a lot of content that focuses on issues in the US such as racial discrimination, police shootings , etc., to combat American propaganda.

According to the Indian government, the new channel will aim to fight against foreign coverage that tends to belittle India’s cultural identity and creates a false image that India is going through religious conflicts.

The proposed digital news is expected to be launched at a cost of around Rs 75 crores and will employ a full-time professional staff of around 150 people.

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