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How ISRO satellites saved the lives of thousands ?

Man proposes, god dispossess. True. The forces of nature are strong and nothing seems to work against her. Human beings have always tried to combat these strong natural forces one way or the other. Hence, the invention of science. Science has always tried to counter the destructive forces of nature. One such story is from the state of Tamil Nadu.

What’s the story about?

Recently, the state of Tamil Nadu was hit by Cyclone Vardah. Now, we all know that Tamil Nadu is a coastal state. It is prone to such cyclones. The aftermaths of such cyclones are devastating. There are huge casualties on both sides, that is life and property.

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This Monday that is 12th of December was a day when this coastal state had to face the wrath of nature.  Large number of people would have died if not for two ISRO satellites. An ISRO official recalls that, how two satellites –Insat 3DRand ScatSat -1- predicted the cyclones activities and this helped the authorities in taking necessary action. The public was alerted at the right time. Rescue operations were carried out by National Disaster Response Force.

The heroes of the story –ISRO’s satellites

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Insat-3DR is a state of the art meteorological satellite configured with an imaging system and an atmospheric sounder. The three-stage Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) launched it on September 8.

ScatSat-1 is a wind vector data products provider and helps in weather forecasting. It was of grave help in cyclone tracking.

Also, another major factor to be noticed is that the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota also didn’t suffer any major damage. All, thanks to these satellites.

Dealing with natural calamities

Natural calamities or natural disasters can play havoc on all forms of life. All, one can do under such situation is act with prudence and not lose courage.

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