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Why meat is Bad! What does Science have to Say?

The recent film Dangal made a strange comment on Haryana, showing that the non veg food intake a was responsible for the physical strength of the Phogat sisters in wrestling. Wish he had shown the truth that in Haryana, the chief item of food is Ghee and Milk….Desan mein Des Haryana, Jit doodh dahi ka khana.

And the damning mountain of ignorance that the filmmakers seems to carry is that even star Olympians like Carl Lewis were perfect vegans/vegetarians when they were at the peak of their prowess, amongst many others. Here are some insights…

A section of the shallow pseudo-intelligentsia has also been at it for long…..Charging furiously at the windmills at the very mention of veganism/vegetarianism. Now to give them perfectly scientific insights, which they can google and learn on their own, see

So, if meat eaters are going to die early because of what they eat, that is a sad state.

And here is the impact of meat on water resources, see ..

And this is what WHO has to say on the proven meat and cancer linkage.

So here the debate is not about Hindu thought/archaic spirituality or the cow brigade, it is about the scientific truths of meats linkages with cancer, water depletion, global warming, decreasing life spans and stuff. If some people want to ignore the writing on the wall, then that’s their choice, an ignorant and unscientific one at that!

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