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Trailer of Saint Dr MSG’s Film Jattu Engineer is Out & Film is an absolute must-watch: here’s why:

After delivering back-to-back blockbusters in Bollywood, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is back to dazzle screens again. And marking a change from his previous action movies, this latest film is a rib-tickling and clean comedy.

Jattu Engineer is a comedy film that will release in cinemas all across India on 19th May 2017. Rockstar Saint who is popularly known as Saint MSG has already launched 3 dazzling posters of the upcoming blockbuster on his official Twitter account. Filmed entirely in rural Haryana, Jattu Engineer tells the story of an underdeveloped village which is transformed into a developed and clean one by the protagonist. Directed by the father-daughter duo of Saint MSG and Honeypreet Insan, the movie is unique for its use of clean dialogues without any double meanings: a rarity in Bollywood for a comedy.

Here are 10 reasons why we believe you’ll absolutely love Jattu Engineer:

#10 Packed with laughter

Despite having delivered several action blockbusters, Saint MSG is exceptionally wonderful with his comedy timing and delivery. With Jattu Engineer being a complete comedy film, audiences are guaranteed to be on the edge of their seats with laughter.

For those that have watched Hind Ka Napak ko Jawab, you would remember Saint MSG’s memorable roles as a Pathan, a Sindhi Jeweler and the Maulvi where his comedy dialogs resonated with everybody. This movie, therefore, will cheer you up while imparting an extremely important social message

#9 Cleaning up India

We are all familiar with the Swacch Bharat Campaign. In Jattu Engineer, Saint MSG takes the message of Clean India to millions of people in an extremely unique manner.

Keeping in line with his tradition of films-with-a-purpose, Saint MSG got a real functioning biogas plant constructed for the shoot of Jattu Engineer. Thanks to this plant, villagers have been able to dispose off their waste and have also managed to generate clean fuel.

This is a classic example of how open defecation can be curbed in rural areas and how we can transform all our villages to ensure a clean India. When was the last time you saw a Bollywood movie which actually implemented what it preached? This is what makes Jattu Engineer unique.

#8 Talking versus doing

Cleanliness has become a buzzword that everyone talks about. In our personal lives too, we agree about the need for proper cleanliness and hygiene. However, how many of us (or the people around us) have actually decided to get up and do something about it? From Puri to Rishikesh, Saint MSG has cleaned up over 30 Indian cities until now. Therefore, when he makes a movie about cleanliness, you can be assured that whatever is said will be practical and based on real experiences.

#7 Enthralling Music

One reason behind the massive popularity of Saint MSG is because of the millions of people who have been inspired by his songs and music. Unlike the same old formula-songs that play on our TVs and radios, Saint MSG’s music has a purpose and a message which resonates with the youth. Be it folk ballads or rock songs: Saint MSG has delivered chartbusters in all genres, and hence, it is yet another compelling reason to go watch the movie.

There are two songs in the movie, one of them is “Josh Mein” a sports anthem to encourage and motivate youth to bring laurels for the nation in sports, rather than roaming high on the drugs. Another song “Holi Ki Pichkari” is a party number.

Holi Ki Pichkari (Song from Film Jattu Engineer)

#6 Giving raw talent a chance

There has been an increasing debate over nepotism in Bollywood lately. If we look at some of the most popular mainstream stars, we realize that there’s a chance that they come from a cinema background. Through Jattu Engineer, Saint MSG wonderfully breaks this trend as the actors in the movie are locals from villages near Sirsa, Haryana.

Rather than opting for established Bollywood artists, Saint MSG has trained raw rural talent and given these actors a chance to showcase their skills. And the result is absolute magic! You’d be amazed at how these new actors have blossomed into acting talents under his guidance.

#5 A clean family comedy

These days, especially in the film industry, comedy usually means double meaning dialogs. Jattu Engineer wonderfully breaks this stereotype and shows that a hilarious comedy can be made without resorting to vulgarity. Often, people are unable to go watch movies with their families because some of the dialogues can make them uncomfortable.

With Jattu Engineer, the whole family can comfortably go, watch the movie, and be thoroughly entertained. And whats more: this comedy also gives a wonderful social message!

#4 An astounding background score

In the previous MSG movies, one of the most admired and critically acclaimed aspects was the background score. Be it MSG 2 Lionheart or Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab: the background score added a new dimension into the storyline of the movie and kept the audiences enthralled. With Jattu Engineer, you can look forward to a similar background music experience

#3 Movie with a message

Often, people spend a lot of money watching a movie only to find out that it leaves them feeling empty or drained out. Not with Jattu Engineer. Saint MSG is well-known for making movies that are not just entertaining but also impart a social message full of exuberance and positivity.

Take Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab for example: people who watched the movie left the cinema hall feeling patriotic and invigorated. Watch Jattu Engineer with your family and you can be assured that you will feel a burst of inspiration and positivity by the end.

#2 Breaking the predictability formula

Movies these days, especially comedies, are formula films. It’s usually the same plot, same storyline and same jokes that are constantly recycled and presented. Jattu Engineer is a pathbreaking film in that it breaks this traditional and stereotypical mould. It is can be safely said that after watching Jattu Engineer, you will appreciate the fresh storyline and humor that this film brings to the big screen.

#1 A record-breaking film

Even before its release, Jattu Engineer has started making its way into record books. The film has already registered 4 achievements in the Asia Book of Records.

In an industry where movies take years to get produced, the entire production of Jattu Engineer was completed in a mere 15 days! This is the first out of the 4 records.

The other records include achievements such as (a) transformation of an entire village in just 24 hours, (b) Completion of the shooting of all songs in just 8:50 hrs and (c) construction of an entire village for the set of the movie within just a month.

Moreover, as in his previous movies, the versatile Saint MSG has donned over 50 hats in the making of Jattu Engineer including actor, director, screenplay writer, editor, set designer, singer, and director of photography. Jattu Engineer, is therefore, completely different and novel as compared to any comedy movie you might have watched in the past.

The trailer of Jattu Engineer is expected to be launched by the end of April and the audiences are excited to catch a first glimpse of this upcoming comedy. We encourage you to have a wonderful outing with your family by watching Jattu Engineer together after its release on 19th May 2017. The movie has already been given a “U” or “Universal”rating by the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) which means that its ideal for everyone regardless of whether their age is 6 years or 60 years.

And once you have watched the film, do comment here and let us know your reviews and what you loved about the movie!

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