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Need of Website for Business Expansion: A Critical Analysis

If you own a business but do not have a website or blog, believe me, it’s equivalent to running business without actually establishing it.

In the present era,

internet is the first source of information available to people seeking information about any business or company.


Why do you think people visit a website? It’s basically to find information. And if you wish to ensure your existence in the present business world, information is indispensable.

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Hence, a website offering information to the target customers about your business is a pre-requisite for the growth and success of your business. It should be successfully communicating to the customers or organic visitors how your company can serve them.

Below I have tried to summarise some of the tips with benefits or advantages of having a website for your business.

Online Purchases Increasing in Popularity

online shopping

Searching and shopping products and services online is gaining more and more popularity with time.

Consumer today is able to browse any sort of business at any point of time while not compromising the comfort of their homes.

They are no more required to spend their time running all over the markets personally, saving themselves from pushy salesmen, parking hassles and worries about their kids. All this simplifies the process of shopping on the part of customers which is one crucial reason behind the increasing popularity or importance of online purchases.

Less Promotional costs

saving money

Advertisements are an indispensable part for any business to flourish. As a businessperson, you must have advertised your company using various types of media namely newspapers, radio, TV and many more.

These traditional media platforms undoubtedly much more expensive as compared to online advertisements through a website that even reaches a much greater section of society.

Investment in advertising being a necessity has to be carried out smartly. Having a website solves this purpose at comparatively lower costs. In addition to this, numerous versions of offline advertising available on the internet are sometimes free of cost.

Environment-friendly Advertising

safe nature

When it comes to marketing or advertising, the environmental friendliness of employing online means is an unavoidable fact. There exist numerous ways of advertising your products and services through internet including Facebook ads, which is an advertising feature offered by Facebook.

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Another advertising tool is SEO. A good SEO service provider can improve the ranking of your website when searched for; this results in increased recognition by customers which further enhances the possibility of increasing sales and profits of your company.

Customer Convenience


When a website of your company is available to the customers, it makes the process of collecting information about the company and making purchases more convenient to them. To understand better, ask yourself, what would you prefer- driving to a physical location and finding the product required by you or just sitting comfortably on a couch and browsing products and prices online? Well, the answer is a vivid enough proof of customer choices.

Serves as a hub for your social media profiles


Social media is another extremely proficient way of sharing your services and other information to a large scale of people online. Indeed, it is today a must for any professional to be skillful at using numerous applications and sites meant for social media productively for promoting one’s business.

Your availability on social media makes it easier for people to know about you and the solutions offered by your business.

Further, your official website then acts as the glue that holds all your social profiles together.

Enhance Customer Base

customers buying products

A professional website of your business or company acts as an excellent way of reaching out to the potential customers outside the area of the physical location of your company.

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Infact, reckoning the fact that internet offers you a global community to connect with, a website can earn you customer base worldwide. So, why limit you and your company physically when you can increase your clientele without any boundaries & without spending more.

Realising Business Goals

entrepreneur-593378_640-min (1)

A website lets you enter the global market through internet that enables you realise your business goals.

It enlarges your scope of providing and retrieving information, selling products and services through online shopping carts, increase your customer database by online newsletter sign-ups, interacting through press online and educating your potential clientele through an articles section.

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All these stand mere examples of how websites can serve you. There are innumerable other possible ways out there that you can employ to grow your current small business and explore other business opportunities.

All-time Accessibility

24 7

You must have experienced having to turn customers away as it’s the closing time. Well, no company has to close the doors of its website based on the hour hand in the clock.

An online site is accessible to the customers anytime during the day or night.

Customers are more likely to buy products through online ways than through physical outlets just because of the improved accessibility which is not time-bound.

Better way to share your expertise

share wh

In addition to a website, you can create your own business blog enabling it for you to share the information you know with the customers who would value that information.

Analyzing progress


Using a website, you can actually keep a record of information related to the number of visitors to your site, the number of people who have sent messages and e-mails to you.

This will enable you to keep a track of the progress or popularity of your business website over time.

Easy updation of content

keyboard-621830_640-min (1)

Whenever a business undergoes any changes or comes up with a new or modified product or service, the easiest and the cheapest way of communicating this information to your clientele is updating your website with it. Therefore, keeping a business blog is indeed the smartest way for posting and updating content related to your products and services.

Providing links


Providing online links is another extremely successful way to viral marketing.

Greater the number of hyperlinks/back-links available on various sites and blogs linking to your site, higher will be the scale of visitors on your website.

This ultimately widens the scope of your company’s clientele.

Customer Relationship Management


Having a website lets you manage your customers effectively.

You can communicate with your customers instantly through emails and newsletters that would let you address their queries satisfactorily without any delays.

Beside this, you can collect customer feedback and provide your customers space for writing their reviews and experiences with your service. This would help the company improve and provide better services to its customers.

Increased Sales

Sales graph

It is hence evident that an online website of your company would reach to larger masses. This will drive increased number of people to your website, thereby increasing the overall customers of your company which would ultimately increase the company’s sales and turnover.

Further Opportunities

business platform

A website provides your company the opportunity to prove its credibility.Your website communicates to your customers that why they ought to remain loyal to your company.

This would earn positive feedback for your company’s products and services in the long term.

In addition to this, your website is the place for your potential customers where they can explore more about how your business can fulfill their needs.

Customer Retention



The online system of collecting feedback from the customers and acting upon them helps develop long-term relationships with the customers. This leads to customer satisfaction and retention in the long term.

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