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IGNITE winner Priyanka’s wants to reduce Fuel wastage and Air Pollution !!

Pollution is becoming a major issue for India. In metro cities like Delhi-NCR, the air quality is worst that any city in the country. It is our responsibility to do as much as we can to reduce the pollution. The sad fact about the increase in pollution is that one of the important factors that play a big role in increasing pollution is unawareness of the people about wastage of fuel on Traffic Lights.

We often stand on the Traffic Lights for more than 30 seconds but do not switch off the vehicle. Even the government has advice people to switch off the engine on Traffic Lights to save fuel and reduce pollution.

About the new innovation by a student

For some reason, we are still unable to make it a habit. Now, a school student by the name Priyanka Panda came forward with an innovative idea to inform the vehicle owners if they are wasting fuel while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. Priyanka is the winner of a national competition by the name IGNITES which aims at promoting thought process in children for the betterment of the country. The award is given to the child with original technological innovation.

Priyanka’s innovation uses a monitor to show the warning message to the driver about the fuel wastage. It can be placed right next to the odometer. Priyanka wants to share the innovation with vehicle manufacturers.

In an interview with PTI, she said that most of the time while traveling people do not switch their engines off while waiting for the green signal. This small wastage of fuel plays a big role in increasing pollution. Her thought was to hit two targets with one arrow and she managed to find a way to reduce both fuel wastage and air pollution.

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