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Save income tax by Adopting an animal at Dehradun Zoo

A zoo is a place where we and our children get to see several animals firsthand and learn more about different species. For a zoo, it costs a lot of money to ensure the proper upkeep of animals and to provide them the most comfortable living conditions. The good thing is that many zoos allow people to “adopt” an animal by paying for their food and upkeep. Thankfully, Dehradun Zoo has decided to take this one step forward. Authorities at the zoo in Dehradun have proposed that people who donate money for the upkeep of animals should be able to claim income tax exemption on that amount. For this, the zoo has already sent a proposal to the income tax authorities to get this done on a speedy basis.

Currently, people who donate to charities that are covered under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act are liable for getting 50% income tax rebate on the amount they give. Its heartening to know that this provision will now extend to the Dehradun zoo as well.

Authorities expect that this move will encourage more people to adopt animals and contribute towards their upkeep. This is an extremely unique initiative and more zoos in India should follow this example and try to engage the general public in taking care of animals.

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