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Positive Energy Crisis: Demeaning the Value of Life!

This is a different form of energy being talked about here. The shortage of positive energy! Believe me, this is the most colossal of challenges facing the human civilization. Russia is in the grip of suicides among teenagers egged on by scheming manipulators on social media. The west is full of suicide consultants dishing out advice on how people could end their lives easily.

ISIS is diverting people world over to run away from home and join their ranks. Negative energy is taking over the planet!

Not that we are entirely free of it. When we meet our colleagues, we criticize ones who are not there. When we meet our superiors, we want to boast of our achievements by bringing down others.

When you add to this the colossal amount of terror and violence worldwide, then it is clear that the most intelligent creature of all is hardly exercising its intelligence in the right direction. The world is moving towards destruction and yet, science is still not fully applying itself to what could possibly bring peace and tranquility to mankind.

There is research being done on weapons of mass destruction. But there is hardly any research on how we could ease the pressing troubles of mankind. Sadly, the lack of positive energy and the excess of negativity are not even being viewed as problems to be tackled globally.

Modern science thinks of behavior change in very simplistic terms, but giving right knowledge alone cannot stop the flow of wrong knowledge and attitudes which in turn result in distressing behaviors.

Thoughts are the precursors of behavior, insistent and overpowering negative thoughts lead to wrong behaviors, but science is a trifle shy of going into the province of how meditation can help control deranged thoughts and heal misdirected minds. This is something that needs to be researched in right earnest and with an unbiased mind.

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