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Standing up for Your Country and Culture

There is no heroism and smartness in making the country directionless. And a lot of song and dance is unnecessarily created by people who think that they are advocates of free speech and secularism. And this breed seems to be lacking in self respect and patriotism. They are the kinds who will question nationalism, army, shutting down of slaughterhouses and the value of standing up for the national anthem. They are the torchbearers of skepticism and irreverence to their own history and culture and blind followers of anything western or pseudo-modern.

The fact remains that even these crafty pseudo-liberals can’t break or bend any rules when they go to any Middle East nation. They abide by the rules or else they could get publicly flogged or even be thrown into jail. If one looks at the Turban issue, Indian kids are having a tough time wearing their traditional headgear even in Europe. Every day Indians are getting bumped off in countries like the US.

So why are governments in India, centre or state, not free to make their own rules. If Yogi Adityanath has cracked down on mushrooming slaughterhouses, it is well within the powers of a Chief Minister. Not only that, it has a strong medical, scientific and environmental rationale.

If countries are free to frame their laws in accordance with their culture or beliefs, so are legitimately elected governments here. I hope the pseudo-liberals will open their tormented minds to this.

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