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The Dark Web’s Devil- How Bitcoin fuels Terrorism & Child trafficking

Over the past few years, Bitcoins have been in the news a lot. While a small chunk of the news have been about their heavily fluctuating value, most coverage is dedicated to the illegal actions that are funded by this currency.

Even the Indian government on March 28 said that use of virtual currencies like Bitcoins is not authorised by the RBI and could result in breach of anti-money laundering provisions.

As law enforcement across the world cracks down on Bitcoins, it is important to realize the dangers of this currency and why you must stay away from it.


Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that was originally invested based on a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese researcher. The basic premise of Bitcoin is that its generated by an encrypted network of computers which limits the number of Bitcoins in circulation.

computer network

Moreover, a ledger (known as a block-chain) keeps a record of who owns a particular Bitcoin and keeps a track of the change in ownership. As a result, this currency is not controlled by any Central Bank or government.

While the original aim was to create a currency thats secure, things slowly spiraled out of control. Owing to lack of transparency and government control, Bitcoin provides complete anonymity to its users. The owner of a Bitcoin can only be identified by a number without it being attached to any name or identity.

Cyber crime and illegal trade

The result? It has become the preferred currency of choice for all those indulging in illegal activities on the internet. This includes dealers of guns, weapons, drugs, and also terrorists who use Bitcoins to hide their funding and to transfer money from one place to another.

The Dark Web


Did you know that the normal websites and pages you access on your browser constitute only 0.03% of the total internet? Thats right. Just 0.03%. The rest of the internet is out of the reach of a normal user and is referred to as the Deep or Dark Web.

This part of the internet requires special softwares and browsers to access and there are no search engines like Google that exist. Rather, a user has to know what exactly they’re looking for and where in order to access the Dark Web.

This part of the internet, therefore, is occupied by criminals of all kinds including terrorists, drug dealers and even horrible human beings like those who make child pornography.

Bitcoins also Fueling the Human (Child) Trafficking Market.

Usage of Bitcoins in illegal trade

The Dark Web is the part of the internet where all these criminals and anti-social elements come together to build their networks and conduct their crimes while trying to evade intelligence agencies and the police.

Naturally, Bitcoin has become the choice of currency for these criminals. This is mainly because Bitcoin provides the anonymity that is necessary for such heinous criminals.

terrorism pakistan battle

A large amount of drugs and weapons are sold everyday on the Deep Web and the preferred method of payment is Bitcoins. These weapons and drugs are then used to wage war against countries and indulge in terrorist attacks.

This was exposed to the general public when authorities in the US and other countries cracked down on a network called The Silk Road. Started by a young tech programmer in the US, The Silk Road eventually became a favorite network of all those dealing in things that were prevented and banned in civilized society.

A huge number of weapons and drugs were sold bought and sold everyday and FBI agents in the US had to infiltrate this network in order to take it down.

The shutting down of The Silk Road also led authorities to realize the dangers posed by Bitcoins. Literally every illegal trade was transacted using this currency and governments around the world realized the threat that is poses. Authorities estimate that around $1bn worth of drugs had been sold using Bitcoins on The Silk Road.

Can you imagine how many innocent people and children must have lost their lives and become addicts because of this menace?

What a lot of people also don’t realize is this drug trade is controlled by intelligence agencies in failed countries like Pakistan and organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. The revenue earned from the selling of drugs is used for purchasing weapons and bombs which are used against civilians and soldiers. And how do they purchase these weapons and bombs? Exactly: by using Bitcoins.

Even Australia also planing to strengthen its anti-money laundering laws and regulate digital currencies such as Bitcoins in a crackdown on terror funding, reports said. However, Justice Minister Michael Keenan did not specify when the legislation would be introduced.

Blood money

It is clear, therefore, that Bitcoins are nothing but blood money. For any person who indulges in a legal trade, there is no need to use Bitcoins. For example, when you shop for things online, you always use your debit or credit card. Why? Because you are purchasing something that is completely legal, and therefore, you have no fear of disclosing your identity as the shopper on Flipkart or Amazon.

The need for an anonymous and untraceable currency like Bitcoin exists only for those who wish to hide their tracks because they are dealing in illegal items. As a result, the primary purpose of Bitcoin is absolutely illegal.

As said earlier, the arms and drugs trade is funded by Bitcoins. Take Pakistan as an example. The Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI is known to be heavily involved in the drug trade. In places like Punjab, a massive amount of drugs came from across the border and almost ruined the state.

illegal trade via bitcoins

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the agencies of the neighboring country used the money from the sale of drugs to fund a war against our country and to engineer terrorist attacks. A lot of our brave soldiers and innocent civilians have lost their lives because of the bullets that have been bought with the drug money.

Recent Cyber attack shows the Dark Side of Bitcoin. Important institutions such as hospitals and government organisations were locked out of their computer systems, with the threat that users’ data would be destroyed if a ransom wasn’t paid. The ransoms were to be paid into a Bitcoin account.

In all of this, Bitcoin remains the main culprit. Bitcoin exchanges like “urdubit.com”, “bitcoinpk.com” and several others operate openly within Pakistan. A news report in January 2017 quoted Danyal Manzer, the founder of Urdubit, as saying that almost 1/3rd of the total Bitcoin transactions in the world happen on his website.

Can you believe that? Knowing well that majority of trades in Bitcoin are in illegal activities, remember that over 30% of those happen in Pakistan!

Why has a country with such a low banking penetration suddenly become a Bitcoin hub? The answer is absolutely clear in the fact that large volumes of Bitcoin trade are generated by the government and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. And why would they need Bitcoins? To fund their terrorist networks and their fight against India of course.

Pakistan sponsored Terrorism and ban by Trump (1)

Similarly, it was recently discovered that some of the largest illegal Bitcoin exchanges are operated out of places like Sichuan in China. Why has the Chinese government been so silent about cracking down of these? Why have they not investigated and shut down these exchanges which operate as an open secret?

That’s because there are anti-social elements in that country which wage a proxy war using the Dark Web and Bitcoins. It is very well-known that China sends a huge amount of funding to Pakistan in the form of money and weapons. It is also an established fact that militants and Maoists in places like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand purchase weapons from the Chinese. How are the payments for these transactions handled? Yes: by using Bitcoins.

Stay away from Bitcoins

stay away

Knowing what we know about the truth behind Bitcoins, it is extremely important to stay away from this blood money.

Lately, there have been many forums on the internet talking about investments in Bitcoin for good returns. The main reason for that is that the value of Bitcoins fluctuates drastically and can be a source of massive money-making for people. There have been cases where the value of 1 Bitcoin has fluctuated over 200% in a span of just a few days. Therefore, there have been talks on the internet about investing in these.

But has anyone realized the reason for these fluctuations? Why does the value of a Rs 100 note remain stable at Rs 100 while that of 1 Bitcoin fluctuates between Rs 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 within days?

This is because Bitcoin values are based on demand. When terrorists and drug dealers need to make transactions, there are no “fixed” prices for the illegal stuff that they deal in. As a result, the prices are purely based on the deal within two parties and what one party is willing to pay for drugs, bombs, and weapons. This leads to a massive fluctuation in the pricing of Bitcoins.

As a result, it is extremely important for all self-respecting patriotic Indians to stay away from this toxic currency and not even think about touching it. Investments and money-making need to be grounded in ethics and morals.

Remember that every time you invest money in purchasing a Bitcoin, you’re investing money in a tool that is used for killing innocent civilians and murdering brave soldiers. When you help drive up the value of Bitcoins for your own profit, you are indirectly aiding the enemy intelligence agencies by contributing to the sale of drugs to innocent people. If you wish to double your money by investing in Bitcoins, remember that the same Bitcoin is used for planning and executing terrorist attacks which take away the lives of hundreds of people.

In short, Bitcoins are blood money. Investing in Bitcoins is like investing in weapons or drugs. When their price goes up, the price of your Bitcoin goes up. Would any good human being and patriotic Indian wish to be associated with such horrible things?

Therefore, it is important that you stay away from the lure of Bitcoin investment and refuse to put your money into something that is extremely dangerous and criminal.

As governments around the world improve their technology, we hope that this menace of Bitcoin transactions will be regulated and tackled with an iron hand. In the meanwhile, it is the duty of every law abiding and patriotic citizen to stay away from Bitcoins so that they do not unknowingly end up supporting elements indulging in criminal and anti-national activities.

Wake-up Call

Much has been talked about whether Bitcoin is good or bad – yes, it is white, yes you can buy it legally, yes you can trade it legally, yes you can make good money with this crypto-currency… but that won’t spare you from the reprisal of Karma! We were having a discussion on bitcoin and one of my friend said – Bitcoin is good because it yields higher profits if traded. I must ask here, Cricket Betting also gives good returns, Drug peddlers also make good money, but where all this money goes?

Every pouch of cocaine buys terror-orcs a bullet to murder an innocent. This money funds and fuels terrorism to kill our own brothers who are safeguarding us on the borders, this blood money is used to trade our sisters and daughters in flesh business. Do you still believe – what earns you good buck is good for humanity at large?child trafficking
Wake up, or a day will come when your Café Mocha will taste like blood of kids dying in Nigeria, Choco Truffle Cake will smell like rotten flesh of a girl being traded in Thailand, and the joy of your Fresh Mint Lemonade will turn into the ashes of an Indian soldier in your mouth – Karma recoils!

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